17 Easy DIY Shoes and Sandals to Make


Shoe stores give us an overwhelming amount of choices of shoes for women, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth making them yourself. We’ve got some incredibly creative DIY Shoes and DIY Sandals to show you that will allow you to have designer shoes for a fraction of the price. These tutorials can also be customized, so feel free to adapt the colors and designs to your liking!

17 Easy DIY Shoes and Sandals to Make on Tip Junkie-Square

I hope this will inspire you to embellish or make your own shoes for women.  I’m loving the cute DIY sandals and DIY shoes and all the endless possibilities I now have in my mind to make.  {giggle}

17. Beaded Statement DIY Shoes

DIY Beaded Statement Shoes

Transform a pair of basic black flats into these stunning turquoise beaded flats with modern wink emojis. How cool is that?

Get tutorial here: DIY Beaded Statement Shoes for Women

16. Crochet Sandals With Flip Flop Soles

Crochet Sandals With Flip Flop Soles

A pair of cheap flip-flops and some crochet skills are all you need to follow this detailed tutorial. The results are absolutely amazing!

Get tutorial here: Crochet Sandals With Flip Flop Soles

15. Painted Canvas DIY Sneakers

DIY Painted Canvas Sneakers

These spring floral sneakers look so gorgeous no one would ever guess they’re not a pair of expensive designer shoes. If you have a steady hand, you can have your own pair in no time!

Get tutorial here: DIY Painted Canvas Sneakers

14. Scrap Fabric Wrapped Summer DIY Sandals

Scrap Fabric Wrapped Summer DIY Sandals

If you have an old pair of sandals that look worn out, you can bring them back to life with some scrap fabric. This is a super easy tutorial any beginner can tackle.

Get tutorial here: Scrap Fabric Wrapped Summer DIY Sandals

13. Chanel Inspired Slingbacks

DIY Chanel Inspired Slingbacks

This project is a Chanel knockoff and a good one too! The results are as similar as can get and the price is definitely unbeatable!

Get tutorial here: DIY Chanel Inspired Slingbacks

12. Woven Sandal Straps

DIY Woven Sandal Straps

A pair of damaged sandals get a fresh upgrade thanks to this brilliant weaving tutorial. Also, it’s extremely easy to detach the weave from the sandals at any time and make a new one!

Get tutorial here: DIY Woven Sandal Straps

11. Folk Art Inspired Shoes for Women

Folk Art Inspired Floral Statement Shoes

These floral folk art shoes are incredibly cute and make the perfect addition to any spring or summer outfit. Even more, the guide teaches you how to make your own design, which is pretty cool right?

Get tutorial here: Folk Art Inspired Floral Statement Shoes

10. Pom Pom Tassel DIY Sandals

DIY Pom Pom Tassel Sandals

Pom pom crafts are always super fun, but in this project they really make those gladiator sandals stand out! I’ve never seen anything quite like these before so you will surely turn heads if you decide to make them.

Get tutorial here: Pom Pom Tassel DIY Sandals

9. Tassel DIY Sneakers

DIY Tassel Sneakers

Speaking of tassels, here’s how you can upgrade a pair of simple white sneakers in just a few steps. Very little effort with high impact!

Get tutorial here: DIY Tassel Sneakers

8. Crochet Women’s Gladiator Sandals

Crochet Women's Gladiator Sandals

These crochet women’s gladiator sandals look like pretty much the trendiest shoes you could possibly wear at home. And they’re so soft and cozy too!

Get tutorial here: Crochet Women’s Gladiator Sandals

7. Floral Embroidered DIY Shoes

DIY Floral Embroidered Shoes

Floral patterns never go out of style so if you’ve been wanting to DIY a pair of shoes you could wear for years to come, they make a great choice! Wear some simple neutral clothes to shine the spotlight on these wonderful sneakers.

Get tutorial here: Floral Embroidered DIY Shoes

6. Easy Artisanal DIY Sandals

DIY Easy Artisanal Sandals

These sandals are practically a version of those cool friendship bracelets you see all over the internet, but for your feet, of course! No knitting, weaving, or crocheting this time. You just need the right fabric, and that’s that!

Get tutorial here: Easy Artisanal DIY Sandals

5. Rhinestone DIY Heels

DIY Rhinestone Heels

Rhinestones, glue and a pair of heels you want to revive are all you need for this simple project. That’s it, now you’re ready for the next girls’ night out!

Get tutorial here: DIY Rhinestone Heels

4. Embellished Sporty Baja DIY Sandals

DIY Embellished Sporty Baja Sandals

Spiky tweaks on a pair of sporty sandals? Sounds crazy but it looks awesome. The best part is, this brilliant idea is also very easy and inexpensive so what are you waiting for?

Get tutorial here: Embellished Sporty Baja DIY Sandals

3. Color Blocked DIY Shoes

Color Blocked Shoes

These color blocked platforms look so fun and summery! Plus you can choose whatever colors you want to match existing outfits.

Get tutorial here: Color Blocked DIY Shoes

2. Ombre DIY Shoes & Laces

DIY Ombre Shoes & Laces

Anything ombre looks sensational, so how about some ombre sneakers with matching laces? This craft requires just a few supplies and it’s super fun to make.

Get tutorial here: Ombre DIY Shoes & Laces

1. Summer Sandals Two Ways

Summer Sandals Two Ways

Are you a fan of colorful sandals or neutral ones? You can have both with this tutorial that explains how to create two types of looks: a colorful and vibrant one, as well as a black & white design that works with any outfit.

Get tutorial here: Summer Sandals Two Ways

I DO Bridal Shoes

DIY Shoes I Do for a Wedding

Bonus:  This is such a cute idea for a bride.  You can easily use a sharpie or alphabet rhinestone stickers from the hobby store to add “I DO” to the bottom of your wedding day heals.  A little secret that you and your bridal company will be able to enjoy together.  {swoon}

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