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10 DIY Wall Christmas Tree Ideas


If you don’t have room for a traditional Christmas tree, then consider making a wall Christmas tree! A DIY Wall Christmas Tree is a super smart way to get the effect of having a Christmas tree in your home without having the bulk of one. Here are ideas for wall mounted Christmas trees using paint, garlands, felt and even copper piping! Learn how to make a wall Christmas tree with these pictured tutorials.

As always, the Tip Junkie  Christmas site has hundreds of pictured tutorials with free patterns for Christmas and winter.  You can always search there if you’re looking for more pictured tutorials. {wink}

How To Make a Wall Christmas Tree

christmas tree alternative

1.  Christmas Tree Alternative ~ This wall Christmas tree actually uses real Christmas tree branches, or a pine garland. I love how it looks like a real tree right on your wall and it’s so simple to put up!

copper pipe christmas tree

2. DIY Wall-Mounted Copper Christmas Tree ~ If you want to mix things up a bit, then this idea is for you. I can’t even tell you how much I love, love, love this idea. The copper piping is just gorgeous and the use of favorite ornaments in a small space for festive decor just makes me happy.

winter wall decor

3. Christmas Wall Decor ~ Make a whole Christmas scene on your wall using chalkboard paint! It’s amazing what you can do with vertical space and a little paint, isn’t it?

wall photo christmas tree

4. Wall Photo Christmas Tree ~ This non-traditonal Christmas wall tree has so many elements I love including photos, pom pom ribbon and simplicity. The tutorials is excellent, too!

DIY Wall Christmas Tree

minimalist christmas tree5.  Minimalist Christmas Tree ~  For the true minimalist, this wall Christmas tree is perfect for you. It will get your small space smelling like Christmas, not take up any space and is definitely bare bones as there are no decorations.

triangle wall christmas tree

6.  Modern Triangle Wall Christmas Tree ~ This beautiful and simple Modern Triangle Wall Christmas Tree makes a big statement without taking up any floor space in your home. It’s one of our favorite wall Christmas trees!

wall mounted christmas tree

7.  Wall Mounted Christmas Tree ~ If you are interested in a wall Christmas tree that really looks like a traditional Christmas tree, then this tutorial is for you. It even has a 3-Dimension feel. Using just a few garlands you can achieve this look.

ornament tree wall

8. Ornament Tree Wall ~ You can make a Christmas tree on your wall using Christmas ornaments and nothing else. I love that you can make it ombre, and use non-traditional colors and still get the effect of a Christmas tree. So clever.

Wall Christmas Tree

christmas light christmas tree

9. Christmas Light Christmas Tree ~ If you’ve got a strand or two of Christmas lights you can totally make this Wall Christmas tree. Just string your lights on the wall back and forth in the shape of a tree and voila. A wall Christmas tree. So festive and easy!

kid friendly christmas tree

10. Kid Friendly Christmas Tree ~ Sometimes space isn’t an issue with the Christmas tree if you know what I mean. Some kids need their own tree to play with! If this is the case, this tutorial for making your child their own wall Christmas tree is fabulous!

10 DIY Wall Christmas Tree Ideas

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DIY Wall Christmas Trees

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  1. I especially love the chalkboard idea! You could really draw a beautiful tree on that!

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