15 Doll Dress Up Clothes {free tutorials}


Your daughter is going to LOVE these 15 doll dress up clothes!  Each one has pictured tutorials on how to make doll clothes and fun accessories like bedding and even a farmhouse bed.

15 Doll Dress Up Clothes with Free Patterns on Tip Junkie

Last Christmas we focused on saving a few pennies and concentrated on Handmade items for our girls.  Since I knew they were getting new dolls from a friend, I thought it would be perfect to accessorize those dolls with anything they might possibly need!  They still love playing with everything, and I’m sure we have a few more years before either a) I have to remake everything because they are so battered or b) some other toy takes precedence.  If you have a little doll-loving girl in your life, you’ll love these 15 Tutorials I’ve gathered for you!

1. Diapers!  Every little mommy wants to help a little doll change their diaper.  These colorful felt diapers are so much fun and require very little sewing!

2.  What diaper change doesn’t involve wipes?  These fleece wipes and wipe case are sure to entertain and keep dolly’s bottom clean.  This tutorial also includes a diaper pattern, with a bit more sewing involved.

3.  What better place to put diapers and wipes than a Doll Diaper Bag?  This is a no-work-involved tutorial, and uses a scrapbook caddy as the bag itself.

4.  For those more grown-up dolls, this beanie and scarf ensemble is perfect for the cold winter months!

5. And for the girls who want to be just like mommy, a baby doll sling is easy and just plain adorable.

6.  For little moms on the go, a Bassinet with handles is a great way for little hands to tote around a napping doll!

7.  What about bed time?  How about a Farmhouse bed?  These doll bed plans are great for 18″ dolls, and really ladies, YOU CAN DO IT!

8.  Sleepovers?  No problem!  A Bunk Bed is the perfect solution for a small overnight guest.

9.  Every bed needs its accessories too, so how about a fitted sheet for those little foam mattresses?  A great way to introduce changing sheets 🙂

10.  Don’t forget matching pillows!  This project is great for scrap-busting, and it would be so fun to have doll pillows that matched your own girls’ pillows.

11.  What is a doll to do without a cozy blanket?  This zig-zag quilt is modern and fun, and much faster to make than a person-sized quilt 🙂

12.  We all know how much babies can eat… and when eating, they will need a little Bib to protect them from little spills!

13.  What do dolls eat?  Doll food, or more specifically, Baked Goodies!  These felt foods are doll-sized and look delicious enough to eat.

14.  For those spills that a bib can’t protect, a pretend bath needs to be followed up with a little baby hooded towel.  This tutorial is for a hooded blanket, but I’m thinking some terry cloth will make the perfect doll towel!

15.  Every big-girl doll needs to carry her own weight, and a tiny duffel bag is perfect for storing that scarf and hat!

I hope you are inspired to whip up some doll projects for the holidays!  Or any day, since dolls are the perfect playmate during every time of year!

all crafts 15 Great Throw Pillow Tutorials Melanie is the creator/author/sewing dork behind the Crafty Cupboard. She’s been sewing most of her life, but has latched on to it as a source of sanity ever since having her first kiddo 4 ½ years ago. She loves vintage Pyrex, Nutella, and Pop Secret popcorn, and will sing for you on request. She is allergic to dishes, laundry, and mopping. She currently lives in Arizona with her 2 ½ children and a very handsome husband.

15 Doll Dress Up Clothes with Free Patterns
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  1. Thanks for featuring our doll bakery craft in your round up! We feature new doll crafts every Friday at if readers want even more fun ideas.

    I love the doll diaper patterns and the doll diaper bag is too cute!!

  2. So cute and so useful. A great way to cheer my daughter and at the same time – nice motivation to relax ( I am terrible workaholic and sometimes I just need something else to make in order to take a break.) And we can do Halloween dolls!!!

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