DrainWig Keeps Your Drains Clear & Your Man Happy!


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of  DrainWig

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I hate getting old.  I really do.  My hair is turning different colors {I refuse to say the G word} and it’s falling out {maybe}.  In fact, Davis went to grab one of my other-colored hairs one day and I told him “don’t pull it out! You gave me that”. {evil laugh}   I’m trying to hold on to all of the hair that I can!  {{snicker}}  ‘Cuz they do make my hair fall out.  If I can see long strands of hair in my bathtub and shower, imagine what my drains look like.  ECK!

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Once upon a time a fellow mama had a problem with long strands of hair in the shower, too.  {wink}  Jennifer Briggs, co-inventor of DrainWig, has five daughters with long hair.  She was constantly dealing with clogged drains and wanted to find a solution that would prevent hair clogs, instead of having to call a plumber. {I like how she thinks!}  The idea for the DrainWig came when a piece of dental floss accidentally fell into the shower drain. When she had her husband remove the floss, a big clump of hair came with it.  This was the beginning of the idea for the DrainWig!





About DrainWig!

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DrainWig has won several awards, and was selected to be part of QVC’s Sprouts program and was featured on The TODAY Show September 18, 2013. They selected DrainWig to be part of their Bright Idea contest to find the next up-and-coming great invention.  DrainWig also won the 2013 Homewares Innovation Gold Award at the National Hardware show in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can buy DrainWig online at TheGrommett.com, DrainWig.com, QVC.com, Overstock.com and Amazon.com.

DraigWig WORKS to PREVENT Clogs

How DrainWig Works

DrainWig PREVENTS hair from clogging the drain.  Here’s how DrainWig DOES work:  the product is designed to catch hair over time as it enters the drain’s p-trap.  Instead of clogging in the drain, the hair catches and attaches to the stainless steel ball-chain that is fitted with rubber whiskers.  After a few months, you pull out the plastic flower and all of the hair pulls right out without you having to touch it.  Plus, you don’t have to remove the drain cover!  So, it saves time, money and embarrassment, because it prevents those clogs from happening in the first place.  {{FABULOUS}}

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TIP: DraigWig won’t clear an existing clog, so don’t even bother trying.  Insert the DrainWig in the clear drain and see how amazingly it works!

 NOTE:  The DrainWig can also be used for bathtub showers. Unfortunately, you cannot use the DrainWig while using a drain stopper to fill the bathtub.  The folks at DrainWig are coming up with a new design to use while bathing.  I can’t wait!  

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of  DrainWig. All opinions are absolutely my own. {{knuckle bumps}}

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