15 Easiest Baby Gifts to Make


These are the easiest home made baby gifts to make for baby showers, newborns, and new mothers. You’ll love these pictured instructions and full tutorials on how to make these adorable home made baby gifts.

Easiest Baby Gifts To Make

Easiest Baby Gifts to Make

1.  Onesie Cupcake Tutorial ~ If you are giving onesies at a baby shower, why not present them as cupcakes in a cute basket?  Complete them with hair bow “toppings”.

Easiest Baby Gifts to Make
2.  Wet Bag Tutorial ~ Wet bags are perfect for storing soiled diapers, wet undies, or a wet swim suit.  Well, anything wet that you want to keep separate in your diaper bag.  You can easily make one with either laminated cotton or oil cloth and a zipper.

Baby lovey blanket

3.  Luxe Lovey for Baby {tutorial} ~  This lovey blanket is not only a cute and portable baby-sized blanket it is also comforting for baby.  The mother is supposed to sleep a couple of nights with the lovey to imbue it with her scent, and then give it to baby so that baby will be comforted by it when mommy is in the other room sleeping, or away for an hour or two. So it’s soft and cuddly and portable, and smells like mom–perfect!

Diaper Changer

4.  Roll-up Diaper Changer {free pattern} ~ This roll-up diaper changing pad has a pocket for storing wipes, diapers and a change of clothes.  The changer rolls up neatly to store in a diaper bag or purse.  It’s made with a vinyl table cloth which is perfect for wiping up leaks and spills.  Plus it’s affordable – the vinyl table cloth was only $5!

Easiest Baby Gifts to Make

5.  Pacifier Pocket {free pattern} ~ This fabulous pacifier pocket not only keeps the binky clean, but also at hands reach.  You can snap it to a diaper bag, purse, stroller or even the infant carrier.

Home Made Baby Gifts

Home Made Baby Gifts

6.  Decorative Wash Cloths ~ Make your own adorable decorative wash cloths from store bought wash cloths and scraps of flannel.  Each wash cloth costs about $.50.  Pair them with some baby wash or even a bath tub and toys for the perfect shower gift.

Sew a blanket, bib and burp cloth set

7.  Baby Bundle Tutorial ~ Make a gorgeous blanket, bib and burp cloth set with just two yards of soft flannel.  A perfect baby shower gift!

Growth Chart
8.  Portable Growth Chart {How-To}I love marking the growth of the kiddos (man it happens fast!), but it’s always a sad day when you move and those little ticks you made in the door frame can’t come with you.  Instead, make this cute chart out of jute fabric and you can store it, display it, and/or take it with you when you go.  It would also be a fun memento to give the kids when they are grown.  Maybe they will want to add their children someday too!

Easiest Baby Gifts to Make

9.  Travel Chair {How-to} ~ Dining out just got easier with this fabric travel high chair!  You can easily make one from a thrifted bedspread, ottoman cover or bed sheet.  Folds up small enough to fit into a diaper bag.

Make My Baby

Burp Cloth

10.  How to Make a Burp Cloth~ Quickly and easily make these adorable burp cloths to give as a baby gift to an expecting mom.

Make My Baby
11.  Barefoot T-shirt Sandals ~ These flower sandals are seriously adorable!  And, comfortable.  They are the perfect way to accessorize bare feet, but still let them remain barefoot.  {wink}  You can easily make them from an old t-shirt.  You’re going to love how simple they are to make!

Matching Onesies {tutorial}

12.  Twin Boy and Girl Onesies {Baby Shower} ~ Fabric appliques turn plain white onesies into the perfect baby gift.  This set with a ruffle bib and coordinating tie are a fun mix for a set of boy/girl twins.  See the full tutorial and download the applique pattern.

Homemade Baby Toys

Homemade Baby Toy

13.  DIY Butterfly Stroller ToyThis is a great toy for a new mom to hook to the car seat or stroller, or just throw in the diaper bag for a quick distraction while she is out running errands.  The wings make that crinkly sound babies love, plus the is a jungle bell sewn inside too.  This would make an adorable gift topper at a baby shower.

Homemade Baby Toys
14.  Sock Dog {Children’s Toy}Turn a men’s sock into an adorable stuffed dog. He’s quiet and house trained… the perfect companion!

Travel Toy
15.  Baby Toy Blanket with Velcro Loops ~ The baby blanket has a pocket for small books or a toy and little velcro loops around the edges which prevents the toys from falling onto the floor.  Perfect for airplane rides, restaurants, church, etc.

More Baby Gift Tutorials

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  1. I love them all! I saw your post at a perfect timing! I am about to visit my friend who just gave birth. I love the idea of being able to recycle and reuse things in a more creative way. Do you have some tips on how to create gifts for breastfeeding moms? Thanks.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these amazing tips. A friend of mine is adopting and they are expecting their new baby end of this year. I can pick and choose from all these great ideas for gift giving. Definitely special. Thx.

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