14 Easy and Cheap Neighbor Gifts


Cheap Christmas gift ideas to make for neighbors are chic, cheap, and easy are here at your finger tips!  These fun things to make and home made gifts are pictured tutorials for a hot cocoa in a jar, santa coke bottles, cookie dough, vanilla extract, layered scented candle, christmas tree in a mug and 

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Create a new Christmas tradition or do a simple activitiy for kids with these awesome holiday crafts! Use these pictured instructions to make Holiday CraftsDIY DecorFood and RecipesParty Ideas, Free Printables, and Activities for Kids perfect for the holiday season!

Neighbor Present 

Layered Scent DIY Candles

1.  Layered Scent DIY Candles ~ An easy and quick DIY craft to make your own scented layered candles. How perfect is the Christmas color layers?!

Christmas Tree in a Mug

2.  Christmas Tree in a Mug ~ A fun and unique gift idea. Plant a small tree in a cute mug, add an ornament and voila!  A fun decorative gift and a usuable mug for later.

Stove Top Potpourri Neighbor Gift

3.  Stove Top Potpourri Neighbor Gift ~ Delight family and friends with this Christmas in a Jar gift! Cranberries, cinnamon sticks, cloves and orange slices are added to a jar that can be later heated to scent to their home with a heavenly Christmas aroma.

The Gift of Dishes {free printable}

4.  The Gift of Dishes {free printable} ~ A simple yet practical gift for your neighbors.  It’s the gift of not having to do dishes so they can spend more time with family.

Red Box Neighbor Gift Idea

5.  Red Box Neighbor Gift Idea ~ Popcorn and movie is always a great gift for anyone.  The recipient can pick the movie of their choice and have hot popcorn in a few minutes.

Frugal Things to Make 

DIY Peppermint Candy Spoons

6.  DIY Peppermint Candy Spoons ~ Perfect for gift giving for warm beverages, these adorable peppermint candy spoons would pair perfectly with hot cocoa mix.

Peppermint Cotton Candy Hot Cocoa Mix {free printable}

7.  Peppermint Cotton Candy Hot Cocoa Mix {free printable} ~ This semi-homemade cocoa mix is a great holiday treat for the neighbors. Add some peppermint and cotton candy ingredients to powdered cocoa mix, attach the free printable, and you are good to go.

Merry & Sprite Christmas Gift

8.  Merry & Sprite Christmas Gift ~ Wishing you a “Merry and Sprite” Christmas.  How cute, easy and inexpensive.  Print the free printable tag and attach to a 2-liter bottle of Sprite.

Holiday Gift Cake

9.  Holiday Gift Cake ~ A delicious chopped pecan and cream cheese holiday cake baked in a tin can with a cherry on top.

Cookie Dough Holiday Gift {free printable tag}

10.  Cookie Dough Holiday Gift {free printable tag} ~ Who doesn’t love cookies fresh from the oven? This clever way to gift cookies allows the recipient to bake fresh cookies whenever they would like. Simply make your favorite cookie recipe, place in a container and attach the free printable tag that includes baking instructions.

Santa Belt Coke Bottle Gifts

11.  Santa Belt Coke Bottle Gifts ~ How adorable is this 6-pack of santa root beer?  It’s a simple and frugal gift idea that you can make with construction paper, straws and burlap bag.  

Homemade Vanilla Extract

12.  Homemade Vanilla Extract ~ If you’’re looking for an easy, affordable and rewarding homemade holiday gift for friends, family co-workers or boss, whipping up a batch of your own vanilla extract is the perfect solution! After all, with lots of holiday baking on the horizon, vanilla extract will be a welcome (and delicious) homemade gift. 

What Gift to Give Neighbors

The Gift of Cozy {free printable tag}

13.  The Gift of Cozy {free printable tag} ~ Whether you make a blanket or purchase one this adorable free tag is the perfect companion to tie up the gift.

Deer Mit Tutorial

14.  Deer Mit Tutorial ~  Show your friends and neighbors how “deerly” they are appreciated with this darling deer mit!  A plain dollar store oven mit was transformed into a deer using flannel and the free pattern.  



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