11 Easy and Refreshing Infused Water Recipes


How to make infused water that is easy and refreshing.  You’ll love these homemade infused water recipes that include cucumber infused water, lemon infused water, strawberry infused water, and herb infused water.  A great way to enjoy a refreshing glass of water and most likely drink more of it too!  {{wink}}

Infused Water

We’ve taken away all the guess work on how to make infused water with these incredible tutorials. For even more water recipes Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 100 tutorials.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

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How to Make Infused Water

Blackberry Mint Infused Water

1.  Blackberry Mint Infused Water ~ Seasonal berries are perfect for making infused water and their less expensive.  This recipe combines mint and blackberries.

15 Delicious Flavored Water Ideas

2.  15 Delicious Flavored Water Ideas ~ Summer is in full swing. To help you stay hydrated without drinking tons of sugary drinks come check out my list of yummy flavored water ideas.

Fruit Infused Water

Watermelon and Mint Infused Water

3.  Watermelon and Mint Infused Water ~ Nothing says Summer like watermelon!  Slices of watermelon and mint leaves were infused in water for a delicous and refreshing drink that’s sure to please the entire family!

Strawberry Lime Cucumber and Mint Infused Water

4.  Strawberry Lime Cucumber and Mint Infused Water ~ Fancify your water with lime, cucumber, mint and the sweetness of strawberries.

Raspberry Lemon Water

5.  Raspberry Lemon Water ~ Not only does this drink look pretty, but the fresh raspberries delicately sweeten the water.

Orange and Blueberry Infused Water

6.  Orange and Blueberry Infused Water ~ Orange wedges and fresh blueberries will make plain water sweetened to perfection with a sweet and tangy flavor.

Ginger Pear Cinnamon Vanilla Bean Water

7.  Ginger Pear Cinnamon Vanilla Bean Water ~ Adding pears to water brings a flavor reminiscent to apple juice.  Add some cinnamon to it and you have apple pie.  Delicious!

Pomegranate Lime Infused Water

8.  Pomegranate Lime Infused Water ~ Pomegranate seeds and lime slices were lightly muddled together to make this delicious infused water.

Herb Infused Water

Rosemary Grapefruit Water

9.  Rosemary Grapefruit Water ~ Combining citrus and herbs makes a refreshingly tangy flavor.  This water combines grapefruit and rosemary, but you could try any citrus blend with herbs.

Peach and Sage Infused Water

10.  Peach and Sage Infused Water ~ Hydrate your body with this refreshing peach and sage infused water.

Cucumber Herb Infused Water

11.  Cucumber Herb Infused Water ~ Cucumbers and herbs are infused in water with lemons added which gives it a light lemonade flavor.

11 Easy and Refreshing Infused Water Recipes

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How to Make Infused Water 

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