7 Easy Christmas Crafts & Gifts


This was one of my favorite gifts I received last year. Mainly because I loved the idea and I hadn’t seen it before! This is simply vinyl lettering, on a shower block, with a bow tied around it. I think this would also be great with “Let it Snow!”.

My girlfriend painted this for me last year. She simply painted a block of wood cream and then painted on some stain and then wiped it off. She used a template to stencil on “believe”. Simple yet so cute. Anyone have a cute story to with this “believe”? That would make the gift perfect.

Both my boys made these Reindeer foot print and hand print pillows at their pre-school. They love it when I get them out every year. This would be a fun craft to do with the kiddos and a great grandparent gift.

I cracked up when my son brought this home last year! It’s a reindeer made out of pantyhose and a hanger! Can you believe how simple and cute this craft is. They did it during the Christmas party at school. So all of you room moms out there – here’s a fun craft idea.

I really like this little snowman. Mainly because I made him myself and because he’ seriously so efficient. The two small boxes and all the decor store in the larger box. I made this at a Super Saturday craft day at my church. The cone nose is held on with a Velcro dot. Very inventive.

This was the first handmade gift I had ever received! I was so impressed and felt so loved, that I’ve been making these wall quilts ever since. I’m a basic sewer and I can do it. It’s straight stitches and then iron everything else on.

This wall quilt pattern, Christmas Cheer, comes in a set of 3 for $7. I LOVE the manger one as well. They are easier than they look, I promise, and it will make a huge impression on anyone you give this too. They’ll think you spent weeks on it. 😉

A couple years ago I made 3 of these “Here Comes Santa” Advent Calenders. I know, I was crazy!! Luckily I started in July. 😉 If you’re looking for a big gift to make someone this is perfect. I love getting mine out every year, it means so much to me.

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  1. We made believe blocks like that last year for all of our Young Women. We read them the book “I Believe in Santa” before we passed them out. The book has beautiful illustrations and talks about Santa saying “He comes in the night, he wears red, he loves little children, he wants us to be good, etc.” and then relates Santa to Christ who also “comes in the night, wears red, loves little children, KNOWS we are good, etc” It is a very simple wonderful book that is great for kids and adults.

  2. we had someone share the polar express with us (before it was the movie no one in australia knew the story) and give us a handout with jesus on the front and a scripture on the back

    they asked us to remember when we were baptised.. or when we were converted (if we cant remember whenwe were 8)

    then they likened that to the bell that never goes dim for those that truly believe

    our testimony/the holy ghost etc etc can never be dimished for us if we truly believe 🙂

    hope this helps.. this is one of the best gifts I ever received and I still remember it and we have done it with our kids

  3. I just added for the Heart to Art Santa Advent to my Christmas list last week! It will be a Christmas present, but then I will have a year to get it ready! I am so excited to make it!

    My mom made advent calendars while we were growing up. Now all of us kids have one that she made in our homes. Christmas to me isn’t Christmas without a beautiful advent calendar.

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