You are going to love these Easy DIY Halloween Mask tutorials! We’ve found our favorite Halloween mask tutorials that are perfect to pair with a great costume or just to wear alone. It’s amazing what a difference a Halloween Mask can make to accentuate your costume, or to stand alone. These Halloween mask ideas include clown mask, alien mask, funny masks, party masks, monster mask, feather mask, vampire mask, Scary Mask, halloween props, and printable masks!

halloween masks-jpg

We’ve taken away all the guess work with Halloween mask making with these incredible tutorials. For even more Halloween ideas, the Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 400 tutorials.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Funny Masks


1.  No-Sew Woodland Animals ~ These no-sew felt woodland animal masks are just plain adorable. They are easy to make, too. Adore.

lego mini figure mask

2. Lego Minifigure Printable Masks ~ Lego Minifigure Printable Mask downloads are perfect for a gathering game activity at a photo booth, for Halloween, or to play dress up as a boredom buster or just for fun! Sky’s the limit on how you can use these fun Lego Minifigure Printable Mask downloads.


3. My Little Pony Masks ~ Make a My Little Pony mask for you little one. These templates are free and you can easily download, print and them make with felt!

Scary Masks

big bad wolf

4.  Big Bad Wolf ~ The tutorial plus free template to make the big bad wolf mask is fabulous. You can make the whole costume or just stick with the mask for Halloween!

3d mask

5. DIY Geometric Halloween Masks ~ Loving this 3-D geometric paper masks that you can download as a DIY templates. There are more designs, too, so be sure to check them out.

Vampire Mask

halloween-costume vampire bat

6.  Vampire Bat Mask ~ Seriously, how cute is this? Let your child dress up as a vampire. A vampire bat. The mask is super simple to make. Score.


7. Paper Plate Vampire ~ Cut holes for eyes and let your kids have fun with this vampire plate mask. Super easy to modify to it’s wearable!

Clown Mask

clown mask

8.  DIY Clown Mask ~ This video tutorial shows you how to make a clown mask at home, including all of the supplies you’ll need.

Monster Mask


9. No Sew Dragon Mask ~ We cannot even stand how fabulous this costume is. I love that it could be modified for an adult!


10.  Free Printable Monster Masks ~ These fast, easy and free printable monster masks are a great pre-Halloween activity for kids or work well for an easy costume!

Feather Mask


11.  Feather Mask ~ This tutorial for making a feathered mask is perfect for dressing up as a woodland bird, and makes a great decoration for a white pumpkin, too!

bird mask

12. Bird Mask ~ Here’s another great mask to make if you want to dress up as a bird, but this one does not use real feathers if that is an issue for you.

Party Mask


13. No-Sew Superhero Mask ~ This handmade superhero costume idea can be made in minutes! we love that the DIY, no-sew superhero mask is perfect for play, party or trick-or-treating.

dinosaur mask

14. Printable Dinosaur Mask ~ These Triceratops and T-rex masks can be used after the Halloween festivities. Rawrrrr!

Printable Masks


15. Halloween Masks to Print and Color ~ Print, cut and color. Easy peasy and so fun!


16. Printable Animal Masks ~ Woodland animal costumes are all the rage these days, so if your child wants to dress up as one and you don’t want to use elaborate makeup, try one of these masks!

Halloween Props

halloween photo props-jpg

17.  DIY Halloween Photo Booth Props ~ Photo booths are the hit of every party, so make sure you have some photo props for yours! These DIY Halloween photo booth props are easy to make and fun to use!

star wars party printable masks

18. Star Wars Party Printable Masks ~ Print these fun masks for a Star Wars family costume. Brilliant.

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