16 Easy Edible Gifts to Make with Printables


Food presents and edible gifts to make for neighbors, friends and family are always a hit.  These food present Christmas treats are pictured tutorials or recipe how to‘s for homemade vanilla, hot chocolate on a stick, toffee, truffles, a hot chocolate, caramel sauce, cinnamon honey butter and more!

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Create a new Christmas tradition or do a simple activitiy for kids with these awesome holiday crafts! Use these pictured instructions to make Holiday CraftsDIY DecorFood and RecipesParty Ideas, Free Printables, and Activities for Kids perfect for the holiday season!

Food Present

Holiday Gift Cake

1.  Holiday Gift Cake ~ A delicious chopped pecan and cream cheese holiday cake baked in a tin can with a cherry on top.

Buckeye Marshmallow Pops

2.  Buckeye Marshmallow Pops ~ Because everything is more fun on a stick!  Marshmallows are dipped in chocolate and peanut butter to make these delicious treats!

English Toffee {Recipe}

3.  English Toffee {Recipe} ~ This recipe is so simple and yet the candy looks so professional when you are finished. Make the holidays a little sweeter by giving this gift to friends and family.

Peppermint Brownies Mason Jar Gift {free printable}

4.  Peppermint Brownies Mason Jar Gift {free printable} ~ Here’s a recipe to make your own brownie mix. Add the mix to a jar and add the free label for a great gift item!

Homemade Vanilla Marshmallows

5.  Homemade Vanilla Marshmallows ~ You can gift these homemade marshmallows on a stick, in their own in a bag, or with a yummy s’mores kit. Either way, everyone enjoys homemade vanilla marshmallows!

Recipe How To

Mini Gingerbread Houses

6.  Mini Gingerbread Houses ~ How darling are these mini gingerbread houses?!  Pair them with a mug and some hot cocoa and you have the cutest gift!

Cookie Dough Holiday Gift {free printable tag}

7.  Cookie Dough Holiday Gift {free printable tag} ~ Who doesn’t love cookies fresh from the oven? This clever way to gift cookies allows the recipient to bake fresh cookies whenever they would like. Simply make your favorite cookie recipe, place in a container and attach the free printable tag that includes baking instructions.

Homemade Vanilla Extract

8.  Homemade Vanilla Extract ~ If you’’re looking for an easy, affordable and rewarding homemade holiday gift for friends, family co-workers or boss, whipping up a batch of your own vanilla extract is the perfect solution! After all, with lots of holiday baking on the horizon, vanilla extract will be a welcome (and delicious) homemade gift. 

Cinnamon Honey Butter

9.  Cinnamon Honey Butter ~ A jar of homemade Cinnamon Honey Butter can be a lovely gift, especially when given as a hostess gift. It does need to be refrigerated, and should be eaten within a week. So, when invited to a Christmas party this year, just whip up a batch of this butter earlier in the day, package it up all pretty, and you have yourself a very special gift to give from your own kitchen.

Salted Caramel Sauce in a Jar

10.  Salted Caramel Sauce in a Jar ~ This caramel sauce looks absolutely divine! It is so yummy to dip apples in or even put on ice cream. This will be a big hit with the kiddo’s too! One batch will make four jars. Download the free printable labels to add to your jars and tie a pretty ribbon around the lid.

hot cocoa on a stick

11.  Hot Chocolate on a Stick ~ Who can resist a warm cup of hot chocolate in the winter time? When there’s a chill in the air it always has a way of making me feel warm and cozy, so with the holidays fast approaching I wanted to pass on a little warmth to friends and family with some homemade hot chocolate on a stick.

Christmas Treats

Peppermint Kiss Thumbprint Cookies

12.  Peppermint Kiss Thumbprint CookiesThese little thumbprint cookies are really easy to make and would be perfect to leave out for Santa with a glass of milk.

Christmas Peppermint Patties

13.  Christmas Peppermint Patties ~ Make these simple cookies in no time at all as they only require a few ingredients! Perfect for your kids to make.

Vanilla Christmas Tree Meringues

14.  Vanilla Christmas Tree Meringues ~ Crunchy and very festive tree meringue cookies that are perfect for gift giving or a cookie exchange.

Melting Snowmen Oreo Cookie Balls

15.  Melting Snowmen Oreo Cookie Balls ~ Decorate oreo cookies to resemble these adorable melted snowmen using cream cheese, crushed oreo’s and white chocolate.

Easy Oreo Truffle Recipe

16.  Easy Oreo Truffle Recipe ~ These little Oreo Truffles make an irresistible edible gifts for neighbors this holiday season. Download and print the recipe card and label for an easy all-in-one gift.



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