23 Easy Graduation Gifts You Can Make in a Hurry


Congratulation on graduation can be as simple as thoughtful traditions that create long lasting  memories for graduates.  Whether you celebrate graduation with a party or just a card these ideas let the graduate know you are thinking of them.  These homemade graduation gift ideas include a travel organizer, t-shirt quilt, instagram journal, homemade cards and printable quotes.  And, if your graduate loves money, these creative money gifting ideas will really spark your interest!

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Homemade Gifts For Graduation

1.  Chalkboard & Tassel Frame ~ Make a frame for the graduate that will hold their graduation picture. Makes a great keepsake!

2.  Travel Organizer Tutorial ~ Before you send your graduates out to travel the world, give them this travel organizer as a gift.  It will help them keep their documents organized and easy to find.   The people behind them in the security line will appreciate it. {wink}

3.  College Survival Basket ~ This gift basket is perfect for grads going off to college for the first time.  They probably don’t have a stockpile of laundry items and other essentials to take with them and they certainly will need it!

4.  Instagram Journal ~ Make a DIY Instagram Journal with instagram photos using photoshop and washi tape! A super cute and easy project for anyone!

5.  Dr. Seuss Printable ~ “Today is your day.  You’re off to great places! You’re off and away!” What a beautiful inspiring quote for the graduate.  Print this free 8×10 print and frame it for a quick and easy gift.

6.  College Survival Kit ~ Decorate an empty paint pail for the graduate.  Fill the bucket with items the graduate will need for college such as school supplies.

7.  Graduation Gift {free printable} ~ These milk bottle graduation hat toppers are too cute!  A perfect last minute gift that you can easily make.  All you need is a square piece of black paper, a circle punch and the free printable tag.

8.  Graduation Candy Bar Wrapper {free printable} ~ “Congratulations Graduates.” What a beautiful inspiring quote for the graduate.  Print this free 8×10 print and frame it for a quick and easy gift.

9.  Graduation T-shirt Quilt ~ Grab the graduates old t-shirts and get ready to create the cutest quilt.  It’s the perfect sentiment for the graduate to remember their youth and home.

Money Gift-jpg

Money Gift

10.  Graduation Gift with Dollar Diplomas ~ Show the brilliant graduate that their hard work has paid off with this jar of diploma money!  I love how the money is rolled up and tied to resemble diplomas.

11.  Money Balloons ~ What a fun and unique way to gift money!  Have your local party store inflate balloons with money and confetti.  Imagine how much fun the graduate will have popping the balloons to figure out how much money is inside.

12.  Money Necklace DIY ~ Instead of a bouquet of flowers consider giving a money necklace! A video tutorial is provided to make the origami flowers.  They’’re fun for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, teacher appreciation day or even after dance/music recitals.

13.  Rainy Day Funds ~ Attach dollar bills to string and tape to an umbrella.  When the umbrella is opened the recipient will be showered with money!

14.  Candy & Cash Gift ~  A perfect gift for the graduate!  Purchase their favorite candy bars and wrap the money around the candy and attach a cute ribbon.

15.  Congratulations Gift Box ~ Here is another clever way to give money!  Simply cover a jewelry box with card stock.  You could also put a small gift in the box instead of money.

16.  Money Chain for the Graduate ~ Give a gift that any graduate would love, a chain/lei made from money.  With a stapler and a stack of dollar bills you can create a fun graduation gift that is sure to be a hit with any graduate.

Homemade Graduation Cards-jpg

Homemade Graduation Cards

17.  Lightbulb Graduation Card {free printable} ~ This adorable lightbult card reads, “You’re future looks bright!”

18.  App Store Gift Card Printable ~ Show the graduate how app-solutely amazing they are by attaching it to an Apple Store gift card.

19.  Printable Graduation Cards & Quotes ~ Four adorable printable graduation cards that you can customize and print.

20.  Graduation Card & a Printable ~ This adorable graduation card includes a free .pdf file to print.  Add the stripes of your color choice.

21.  Printable Congrats Cards ~ These adorable and simply stated “congrats” cards are available in three color options.

22.  Paper Airplane Graduation Card {with printable} ~ The sky’s the limit with this fun airplane card!  It’s a unique way to include a check in a card.  Download the free pdf file and print the paper airplane.

23.  Graduation Cap Money Holder ~ How to make a quick and easy money holder for a fun way to give cash.

23 Easy Graduation Gifts You Can Make in a Hurry

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