You are going to love these Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas! We’ve found our favorite animal makeup tutorials that are perfect to pair with a great costume or just wear alone. Animal faces are all the rage with women this year because the face paint is so stunning and life-like. It’s amazing what a difference Halloween Makeup can make to accentuate your costume, or to stand alone. These Halloween makeup ideas include Easy Halloween Makeup tutorials as well as Scary Makeup Tutorials for animals!

animal halloween makeup-jpg

We’ve taken away all the guess work with Halloween makeup application with these incredible tutorials. For even more beauty and style ideas Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 1,000 tutorials.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Doe Makeup

Halloween Makeup Ideas

1.  Doe Makeup ~ This gorgeous Doe Makeup does not come with a tutorial, but the beautiful images give an idea of how to do the makeup using what you have at home!

owl makeup-jpg

2. Owl Makeup ~ This makeup is easier than it looks! No need to buy a costume either. This might be our favorite woodland animal makeup ever! You definitely need feathers for this one!

giraffe makeup

3. Giraffe Makeup ~ Learn how to transform your face into a giraffee with this step-by-step tutorial that’s easier to do than you’d think!

Easy Halloween Makeup


4. Black Cat Makeup Tutorial ~ No need to find the purr-fect costume with this makeup. Just throw on some black clothes for the perfect black cat costume of the year!


5. Fox Makeup Tutorial ~ If you love watching videos to see step-by-step how to do something, then this fox makeup tutorial is going to be right up your alley. Learn how to do this fox makeup in just a few minutes.

deer makeup

6. Deer Makeup and Costume ~ The great thing about this tutorial is that it shows you how to make the FULL deer costume including the antlers. Score.

tiger makeup-jpg

7.  Tiger Halloween Makeup ~ You’ll be shocked by how little makeup you need to accomplish this “tiger” face.  Liquid liner gives the makeup dimension!


8. Oh Deer! Makeup ~ This wonderful deer makeup tutorial includes a video so that you can see what it takes to pull this makeup off!

Animal Halloween Makeup

dog and cat makeup

9.  Dog and Cat Makeup ~ See how to do either dog or cat makeup with this video tutorial that’s super easy!

zebra stripes makeup

10.  Zebra Stripes ~ We absolutely adore that this zebra makeup is very minimal but really pops. It’s very clear what kind of makeup is being portrayed, even though it’s only around the eyes.

Lion Makeup

11. Lion Makeup ~ This lion makeup would be appropriate to wear if you were going as the Cowardly Lion, too!

Wolf Makeup

12. Wolf Makeup ~ Super easy makeup for a wolf. To really make your makeup pop, try using colored contacts that make your eyes look more animalistic!

cheetah makeup

13. Cheetah Makeup ~ If you like bold colors, then this idea for making cheetah makeup is fantastic! Don’t you love how the one eyebrow is painted in color?

Scary Halloween Makeup

white rabbit makeup

14.  White Rabbit Makeup ~ If you want something sweet with a twist, this white rabbit makeup is perfection. It would be great Alice in Wonderland costume!

reptile makeup

15. Scary Reptile Makeup ~ This scary reptile makeup is just that…SCARY. It’s also stunningly beautiful which is such a nice juxtaposition!

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