Easy Kids Room Decor


All these kid rooms are decorated using vinyl lettering. Vinyl lettering is a type of “sticker” which you simply rub on! Click here for more Boy Room Ideas.

Click here to see more Girl Room Ideas.

There are 36 vinyl lettering color choices! Click here to design your own Background Letters.

You can purchase vinly lettering on Executive Homemaker! Click here to design your own or see the pre-packaged rooms.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this great concept. I was in a bit trouble looking on what to decor on my son’s room and here you are with your lovely concept

  2. What a great website! You are such a cute person. Have I sent you an invite to my blog yet? I can’t remember. If you’re interested just leave me your email.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Just wanted say hi.. and to tell you how much I like your ideas!

  4. very cute- i bought a vinyl cutter and have never got it to work (HA- VERY EXPENSIVE thing to not have working)…makes me excited to see all you have done!! also- like your idea about posting the date for your giveaway 😉

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