15 Easy Orange Recipes to Make

Easy to make recipes using oranges for yummy cookies, muffins, bread, bars, orange julius recipes, orange smoothie recipe, cinnamon rolls and dessert recipes.   Delight your family with these refreshing spring orange recipes.   There is nothing quite like fresh oranges with a twist, and these recipes will give you tons of ideas on how to make oranges spectacular.  {{knuckle bumps}} 

We’ve taken away all the guess work on how to make recipes with oranges with these incredible tutorials. For even more orange recipes Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 44 tutorials.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Orange Recipes-jpg

Orange Recipes

1.  Orange Pound Cake Mini Loaves ~ Orange is always a fabulous combination for a sweet and buttery bread like this one.

2.  Orange Sour Cream Muffins ~ Delicious homemade orange sour cream muffins drizzled with a zesty orange glaze.

3.  Orange Scones ~ A yummy treat to make for others (& you might just HAVE to sample one before gift giving!!) These are a perfect way to welcome those new neighbors or feed a hungry new mommy.

4.  Orange Meringue Nests ~ A light and delicate orange meringue nest filled with orange marmalade. 

5.  Orange Souffle ~ This delicate souffle originates from the wife of a handsome sea captain in the 1800’s. Paired with the electric flavor of oranges this souffle is divine!

6.  Orange Creamsicle Jelly ~ There aren’t many foods I enjoy more than a slice of toasted bread (homemade, of course) topped with a little butter and jam, which is why I always enjoy experimenting with different recipes for jams and jellies. Not only do my homemade fruit preserves make it possible to store the flavor of summer all year long, but they keep my morning toast interesting.

Orange Recipes Dessert-jpg

Orange Recipes Dessert

7.  Glazed Orange Cinnamon Rolls ~ These homemade rolls looks positively scrumptious. They would be fantastic served at a brunch or tea party. Anything covered in warm orange glaze is for me {giggle}.

8.  Orange Pie Bars ~ Similar to lemon bars, these Orange Pie Bars have a light and flaky crust with a moist citrus filling.

9.  Citrus Doodle Cookies ~ Like a snickerdoodle with a citrus twist, this cookie is sure to delight with freshly grated lemon and orange peel.

10.  Orange Fudge Brownies ~ These delicious and orangey brownies are a perfect dessert anytime. Very easy, and so good!

11.  Orange Creamsicle Cheesecake ~ A few weeks ago I decided to try a little experiment and see if I could whip a cheesecake up that tasted like those tasty orange treats. After one bite, I knew this cheesecake was amazing. The texture is incredible and the taste is fantastic. Just enough of that creamsicle flavor with a rich cheesecake taste.

12.  Candied Orange Peels ~ Delicious orange candies made from orange peels! These all natural treats are heaven on your taste buds! Candied Orange Peels are delicious when paired with an espresso!

Orange Julius

Orange Julius Recipes

13.  Orange Julius ~ Only 5 ingredients to make this refreshing tasty beverage, orange juice, orange greek yogurt, sugar, ice cubes and vanilla.

Orange Smoothie Recipe-jpg

Orange Smoothie Recipe

14.  Orange Push Up Smoothie ~ This Orange Push Up Smoothie is just like a Push Up popsicle.  It’s creamy and sweet.  Made with orange juice concentrate, milk, vanilla and sugar.

15.  Stress Buster Orange Smoothie ~ A wonderful delicious and healthy snack packed full of fruits and vegetables. It’s made with carrot, an orange, banana and almond milk. It’s perfect as a complete breakfast!

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