16 Easy Patterns to Sew for Beginners


You’ll love these 16 easy patterns that are perfect easy sew projects for beginners! If you’re just learning how to sew or want a easy pattern that you can quickly whip up, then check out these easy sew projects for the home, simple bags, clothing, and even kids crafts to sew!

Easy Patterns

How to Make a Pillow Cover

1. How to Make a Pillow Cover ~ In just 10 minutes, you can sew a new pillow cover for your throw pillows. This step by step tutorial will show you how.

ribbon dish towels to sew

2. Ribbon Dish Towels ~ Cute, practical, and the perfect homemade gift for just about anyone, this is one of my favorite beginner sewing projects!

Envelope Pillow

How To Sew

3. Envelope Pillow ~ Even a beginner can sew a quick pillow! Follow these simple steps for a basic envelope pillow that can be made in 20 minutes!

5 minute hand warmers

4. 5 Minute Hand Warmers ~ This is a perfect inexpensive stocking stuffer, but even better, it’s a perfect summer time craft you can sew with your kids and tuck away for winter time! Tie

Easy Sew Projects

5. Make a Tie ~ This is a fabulous tutorial on how to sew a tie. This is a project perfect for a beginner with easy to follow instructions. Dad will be so impressed with this one and may even have bragging rights every time he wears it! Polka Dot Felt Garland to sew

6. Polka Dot Felt Garland ~ This garland is just plain fun and can be used anywhere. In a bedroom, for a party ~ to embellish a gift. The sky’s the limit! It’s a great way to incorporate all the colors of a palate and to teach a beginner to sew in a straight line.

Simple Reversible Tote Bag

Simple Bags

7. Simple Reversible Tote Bag ~ This tote bag requires beginner sewing skills, few supplies and makes a functional and cute tote. Plus, there’s a matching zippered pouch tutorial! Zippered Pouch Tutorial

8. Zippered Pouch Tutorial ~ This pleated clutch is not only adorable, it’s easy to make. There is a downloadable pattern so you can’t go wrong! I love the use of complimenting patterned material! Tote Topper

9. Tote Topper ~ Embellish your tote! Just add a pocket and a closure of your choice to get all the small stuff you normal lose (like your keys) to stay in check.

10 Minute Pencil Roll

Kids Crafts to Sew

10. 10 Minute Pencil Roll ~ This is a quick little project that makes a great gift and can be whipped up at short notice with materials from your stash. Only basic sewing skills are required, so this is a great beginner project. Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow

11. Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow ~ This little monster pillow will gobble up your child’s baby teeth and spit out money — what could be better? Measuring about 6″ x 6″, this little pillow is a cinch to make and I’ve given you the full tutorial with templates; just click on the image below.  Quiet Book

12. “My Colors” Quiet Book ~ This color fabric book for your little one should be a joy to make. The directions are very general, but the photos explain a lot. PDF file available. Children's Fabric Tool Belt Tutorial

13. Children’s Fabric Tool Belt Tutorial ~ How to sew a fabric tool belt for your child. This would make a fun homemade gift for any occasion! Kids Cape

14. Kids Cape Tutorial ~ You don’t need to be a super hero to make these super duper super hero capes.  Beginners can sew them too!

Patriotic Pillowcase Dress

Sew Clothing

15. Basic Pillowcase Dress ~ This tutorial for simple pillowcase dresses will knock your socks off.  Love that pillowcase dresses are easy. Less time intensive than most dress patterns and more playful, too!

Double Layer Pillowcase Dress to sew 16. Double Layer Pillowcase Dress ~ Now that you’ve master the single pillowcase dress, step up your game and try the double layer. You can really make take the dress a step further with different materials like natural linen and silk.

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Easy Patterns
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  1. The pillowcase dress on #15 won’t open to the site with the tutorial. You mentioned that the tutorial “will knock your socks off” so I’m thinking it would be an easy pattern worth investigating. Is there a way to get the link? Thanks…

  2. my first dewing project was tote bag. following the link above. As we get charged for plastic bags in Wales i havw made lodes sience for all my friends great presents.

  3. I think it was a wrap skirt in a small floral pattern that I wore for years! Don’t sew much anymore but plan to thread my serger this summer! That’s a start.

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