12 Lovely Candy Gram Bouquets for the Whole Year


How to make 12 lovely edible arrangement and candy gram bouquets or gift basket ideas for each month of the entire year.   These edible arrangements are perfect to send Birthday Wishes or Thank You ideas.

Tip Junkie Style has 130 Gift Basket Ideas as well as and 2126 Homemade Gifts to make all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make.  You can always search there if you’re looking for more  homemade gift tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Candy Bar Card

Candy Gram Card

1.  How to Make a Gift Card Candy Gram Bouquet ~ How to make a candy gram bouquet that’s a perfect way to wrap gift cards and present them as a thoughtful gift for any occasion like Christmas, Secret Santa or Angel Tree gift, graduation, teacher gift or anytime you want to give cash or gift cards as a present.

Candy Gram

Candy Gram
2.  St. Patrick’s Day Candy Gram {free printable} ~ “I am so lucky to have a Big Hunk like you in my life”.  How fun are these St. Patrick’s Day candy grams?  You can add other candy to the free printable such as Smarties, Sugar Daddy’s or even Tootsie Rolls.

Candy Gram

3.  Candy Bar Letter to Dad ~ What dad doesn’t love a little bit of sweet and funny love? This is a cute way to make dad laugh and satisfy his sweet tooth all while telling him how much he is appreciated this Father’s Day!

Candy Bar

Candy Bar

4.  Candy Bar Cake ~ This amazing candy bar cake is also referred to as the “5.5 lb cavity”!  {{snicker}}  Who needs a traditional birthday cake when they can have this candy bar cake?!

Candy Gram

5.  Get Well Candy Bar ~ Here are some wonderful and easy gift ideas for a friend feeling under the weather. Each candy has a cute tag with a play on words, like “Remember that everything happens for a RIESEN” and “Everything feels like a DUD when you are sick, luckily you have chocolate to get you through.” There are several more on the post.

Edible Arrangement

Candy Bouquet

6.  DIY Bubblegum Bouquet ~ These simply adorable bubble gum bouquets are perfect gifts for any occasion.   You could even use them as bouquets for flower girls or even to decorate a candy buffet table.

Edible Arrangement

7.  Button Cookie Bouquet ~ These cute pink, white, and red cookie bouquets are a fun treat to make for Valentine’s Day.  Your kid can help create bake the cookies and create the arrangement to give to their teachers as a sweet Valentine’s Day treat.

Candy Bouquet

Candy Bar Bouquet

8.  Halloween Candy Bouquet {Halloween Gifts} ~ Here is a fabulous tutorial featuring a Halloween Candy Bouquet! Easy to make with a few supplies found at your local craft store. Perfect to give a friend, teacher or even as the prizes at your Halloween party!

Candy Bouquet

9.  Edible Candy and Money Bouquet ~ This charming bouquet was originally posted as a St. Patrick’s Day project, but I think it would be super-fab for a graduation gift.  You could use the high school colors (or future college colors) instead of green, and everyone loves cash and chocolate!

Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

10.  Candy Bouquet {Easy Crafts} ~  Instead of a bouquet of flowers consider giving a bouquet of candy!  They’re fun for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or even after dance/music recitals. Adults and children will love this new twist on the standard flower bouquet.

Gift Basket Ideas

Gift Basket Ideas

11.  Valentine Gift Basket {free poem printable} ~ Delight your significant other with his favorite snacks and candy in a gift basket.  “I’ve got a Crush on you–you BIG HUNK–you know I do,” a snippet of the free poem printable to attach to the gift basket.

Candy Gift Basket

12.  Christmas Candy Gift Basket ~ A simple thank you at Christmas time for hostess gifts, teacher gifts, holiday gifts for neighbors, “thank you” gifts for the bus driver or mail carrier.  It’s simple and inexpensive.  Each basket costs around $5.

More Edible Arrangement

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