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My summer mornings can’t be spent any better than reading a good book while chugging a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.  This set of egghead bookmarks will surely bring cheer to you and your book. Don’t forget to share these with friends! These can also be given as an end-of-school gift to your child’s classmates. You can even write a short note at the back of each bookmark.

How to cut the eggheads:

Cut the egghead using scissors. Use a sharp cutter or exacto knife to cut the teeth/mouth. Cut up to the mouth. For the egghead with the open mouth, make a cut up to the first teeth on both sides of the mouth.

egghead bookmarks 2

You can add a little note at the back side if you are giving them away.

egghead bookmarks 3

Since I can’t write on the back of all your printable egghead bookmarks, I’ll just wish you a day filled with books and love for the written word!

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