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15 DIYs To Make The Perfect Emoji Gift For Teens and Adults

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An emoji gift is a hot trend right now and it is perfect timing for those hard to buy for teenagers and tweens. These DIY emoji gifts will bring smiles to all ages as they see their favorite emoji come off of the screen and into their life. You’ll also find some great emoji party ideas to keep the theme going and stay on a budget.

My most used emoji is the heart eyes and I just love all of the creative ways these bloggers turn it into an emoji gift. I especially love the emoji marquee, the heart eyes sleeping mask, and the emoji pillows. I think you’ll find something handmade that you’ll love too. Disclaimer: I do not like the poop emoji, but I do love some teenage boys who overuse the poop emoji. {sigh}

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There are so many ways you can incorporate emojis! You can style shoes, a clutch, gift boxes, pillows, flower pots, lip balm, lapel pins, a marquee, ornaments, sleeping mask, gift wrap, coasters, crochet pillows, stress balls, and even pumpkins for Halloween. All with cute emojis!



15 Fun Emoji Gifts



15. DIY Emoji Shoes

An easy and inexpensive felt craft that can turn an ordinary pair of shoes into something fun and unique. If you have a coworker that is known for overusing a particular emoji, these might make the perfect office Christmas present emoji gift!  Click here for the tutorial –> DIY Emoji Shoes

Tip: You could also attach these cute felt emojis to a pair of house slippers. I know a couple of teenagers who would get a kick out of slippers with a poop emoji gift. {giggles}



14. DIY Emoji Heart Clutch

Make a statement emoji clutch that will draw everyone’s attention with just a few supplies and a sewing machine. Add some lip gloss, hair ties, and nail polish and you have the perfect teenage girl emoji gift!

Click here for the tutorial –> DIY Emoji Heart Clutch


13. Free Printable Emoji Gift Boxes

An easy homemade gift box emoji that is perfect for teen birthday emoji party ideas! Thanks to Erin for these adorable free printables. They make the cutest emoji gift boxes in a variety of gift emoticon.

Click here for the free printables –> Free Printable Emoji Gift Boxes

Supplies Needed:



12. DIY Emoji Pillow

This emoji pillow is brilliant and you can make this adorable busy bag in under 30 minutes using felt and a hot glue gun. Chelsea created the felt pieces needed to change the emoji pillow into your favorite expressions. Such a great emoji gift for kids who like to design their own emoji expressions. Click here for the tutorial –>  DIY Emoji Pillow Busy Bag



11. DIY Emoji Flower Pot

This fun and colorful emoji flower pots can brighten any room! They are also a great handmade emoji gift to make someone smile or cheer up a teenager recovering from an illness or injury. Who wouldn’t love a plant or flower bouquet emoji!?!

Click here for the tutorial –> DIY Emoji Flower Pot


10. DIY Emoji Lip Balm

Turn an ordinary EOS lip balm into a special emoji gift using non-toxic Crayola crayons. I love this fun idea because you could literally design any emoji that you wanted. It would be a fun Christmas present emoji gift to personalize and give to friends as well as those hard to find stocking stuffers for teenagers. Your teenager would be so surprised to open up their favorite lip balm and find the poop emoji or whatever is their most-used emoji in their texts to you. And, I know a couple of people who would get a kick out of seeing the wine emoji and the shot glass emoji.

Click here for the tutorial –> DIY Emoji EOS



9. Emoji Lapel Pins

These charming emoji lapel pins are a perfect emoji gift for classmates and small favors for emoji party ideas! They combine two of the current trends, pins, and emojis. Alexis even offers some free printables to make the design process even easier. These are a homemade gift that tells someone you really know them and speak their language!

Click here for the tutorial –> DIY Emoji Lapel Pins 


@Elsie & Emma

8. DIY Emoji Marquee

A true piece of statement decor. Although this is probably a great emoji gift to help decorate a teen bedroom, I can see this exact emoji hanging in my office.  It’s my most used emoji. {wink} However, the best part of this emoji gift is that it lights up! Seriously, you are going to make a teenager all giddy with this emoji gift.

Click here for the tutorial –> DIY Emoji Marquee



7. DIY Emoji Ornaments

Teens and tweens would be thrilled to see these cute emoji ornaments hanging on the family Christmas tree. Better yet, let the kids pick their friend’s favorite emojis to deliver cute handmade Christmas present emoji gifts. I can’t imagine hanging the poop emoji on my beloved Christmas tree, but I wouldn’t mind letting my boys make and give their favorite poop emoji gifts {giggles}

Click here for the tutorial –> DIY Emoji Ornaments



6. Heart Eyes Emoji Sleeping Mask

If emoji pillows are great for kids, these handmade heart eyes make an awesome emoji gift idea to pamper any friend in style. Cinta uses a storebought mask and decorates it with some felt, but if you are handy with a sewing machine she also includes an eye mask pattern.

Click here for the tutorial –> Heart Eyes Emoji Sleeping Mask

Supplies Needed:


5. Emoji Gift Wrap

Colored wrapping paper, some cardstock, and glue are all you need to make these charming emoji gift wraps. It is a fun way to have a Christmas present emoji theme to jazz up the usual look under the Christmas tree, and the gift box emoji is easy and inexpensive {high five} These would also make darling Valentine boxes too!

Click here for the tutorial –> DIY Emoji Gift Wrap

If you’re looking to make an emoji Valentine box, you’ll find a great idea for a heart eyes emoji box. (It’s number 20)  There are tons of other great ideas for DIY Valentine boxes including a darling unicorn and cool fox too.

Click here for Valentine gift box emoji and others –> 20 Adorable DIY Valentine Boxes



4. DIY Emoji Coasters

If you are looking for emoji party ideas, these easy coasters are the perfect DIY project for an emoji-themed party! They also make a fun emoji gift that is actually quite useful.

Click here for the tutorial –>: DIY Emoji Coasters

Supplies Needed:


3. Crochet Emoji Pillows

If you like to crochet, these emoji pillows will be a great emoji gift to give. Both kids and grownups will love having these colorful ‘pillows’ in their rooms. They are so soft, it’s almost like having your own emoji teddy bears. Ami has a great tutorial with the crochet pattern and offers a pattern for different expressions.

Click here for the emoji pillows tutorial and pattern –> Pillowji Crochet Pillows


2. Emoji Stress Balls

These emoji stress balls will help anyone relax just by looking at those adorable expressions! They are a useful emoji gift for kids who can get stressed out too!

Click here for the tutorial –> How To Make Emoji Stress Balls

Supplies Needed:

Tip: Emoji balloons can be bought at any party supply store, online, and even at discount stores. They have whole aisles filled with emoji party ideas.



1. Cute Emoji Pumpkins For Halloween

Halloween decor doesn’t have to be scary, it can be colorful and lovable like these awesome emoji pumpkins. The emoji designs here are limitless. The flower bouquet emoji and gift box emoji would be beautifully painted directly onto the orange pumpkin. The wine glass emoji and shot glass emoji would be unique table decorations for a cocktail party, and of course, the beloved poop emoji would make any tween boys Halloween more memorable. {giggles}

Click here for the tutorial –> Cute Emoji Pumpkins For Halloween


Thanks, Ladies! I just adore these handmade emoji pictured tutorials. You have created such fun ways to bring a new part of our language to life! Feel free to share your I was featured on Tip Junkie badge on your blog, Facebook, or Instagram. You earned it! {knuckle bumps} I’m honored to have the opportunity to feature your creative DIY ideas and homemade projects.



What Did I Miss?

I’d love to know what other emoji gift ideas and patterns you are looking for and want to make.  Leave a comment below. I would also love to hear what your most-used emoji is. Don’t forget, I take requests, so if you’re looking for something specific let me know in the comments.


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