11 End of the Year School Celebrations

Here are 13 end of the school year celebrations that you can do to make it even more special for your children!  They will love the extra love that they feel as you celebrate summer and teacher appreciation during the end of the year.

1. I found a book on the end of school year rituals a book by By Meg Cox, Sarah McMenemy.

2. Teachers Corner has end of school party ideas like host your own awards ceremony or survival party.

3.  Kristi has several fun end of school year traditions she does with her kiddos; like labels her daughters lunch “Last lunch for 3rd grade ever!”, last day t-shirt, and gumball jars.

4.  Everyday Celebrating featured this idea from Family Fun Magazine, welcome your kiddo home with a welcome to summer banner.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts:

5.  Check out Design Box Studio’s pencil flower vase. She made it as a meet the teacher gift, but you could also use it as a thank you gift.

6.  Kimm submitted her thrifty teacher gifts; her dollar store transformations.

7.  Mrs. Jones submitted her appreciation gift; a gift to enjoy summer. You can also check out her clipboards.

8.  This is Kristin’s chalkboard coaster teacher gift. She simply spray painted chalkboard paint onto wood circles. Easy!

9.  Jeanette made this mini quilt for her child’s teacher.

10.  Patti Lee created this matchbox tower gift as a fun homemade end of school year gift.

11.  Carla made this decorative pencil holder to show her how much she appreciates her this year.

12.  Cristin send me her end of the year thank you teacher party. Her party favors are easy and fun, “Thank you for an extra EXTRA fun year” with gum inside.

13.  Becca posted about these adorable edible bouquets. What a fun idea!

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  1. That picture looks familiar! Thanks for including me … you’re awesome!!


  2. WOW! LOT’S of stuff I want to try here – and my kids are homeschooled…hmm…gifts to mom?! Just kidding…sort of 😉

    I especially the chalkboard coasters…how easy is that?! Don’t be surprised if I link to this sometime in the near future 🙂

  3. my dd is in kindergarten. I can’t wait to see more end of year traditions. I love the lunch bag one and plan to use it. I’m thinking maybe a tshirt that says 20 things I learned in Mrs. Briles class this year to wear the last day of school: Identify my ABC’s, counting and writing to 100, spell and write my first, middle, and last name, Be good and I get a treasure out of the treasure box, Mrs. Briles is cool, etc…

  4. What great ideas! I love the banner idea, and I for sure need to do the O magazine wrapped up with sunblock and a towel! You rock!

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