15 Magical Fairy Garden Ideas [DIY]


Everyone could use a little magic in their garden! These kid-friendly fairy garden ideas are a fun gardening project to do with your children. They add a whimsical touch to your home and welcome tiny friends. They’re all the rage these days and is not only fun for children, but for adults too!  {{wink}}

After a visit to Magnolia Market, yes, I love Fixer Upper too, I was inspired to create my own fairy garden. In fact, that’s where I purchased my first accessory. And, after a little shopping on Etsy I now have a complete fairy garden that I absolutely adore! {giddy}

15 Magical Fairy Garden Ideas to DIY

The women I’m featuring today have mad crafting skillz! You won’t believe the cool stuff they’ve made.

15. How to Start a Fairy Garden

Crafts by Amandaby @CraftsbyAmanda

If you’ve never planted a fairy garden it’s time you did! You can start with a wooden birdhouse to transform into a fairy house. If you have an area of your home that you can’t get plants to grow this will be the perfect place to plant a fairy garden.

Get tutorial here: How to Start a Fairy Garden

14. How to Make an Herb Fairy Garden

Living Locurtoby @LivingLocurto

If you have an herb garden in your kitchen why not add some whimsy and make it an herb fairy garden? What’s funner than an edible garden with magic?

Get tutorial here: How to Make an Herb Fairy Garden

13. Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Do you have a broken pot? Not to worry, turn it into a magical fairy garden.

12. DIY Mason Jar Fairy House

DIY Mason Jar Fairy House

Meaghan used air-dry clay, acrylic paint, and store-bought moss and therefore better used for indoor decorations or temporary outdoor decorations for a fairy party. Wouldn’t they be delightful if you light up your porch at night with mason jar fairy houses. So cute!

Get the tutorial here:  DIY Mason Jar Fairy House

Mason Jar Fairy Garden

Lil' Luna@LilLunaBlog

It only takes 15 minutes to put together this darling mason jar fairy garden. Using an upcycled mason jar you can add your favorite miniature accessories along with some sheet moss. It makes a great gift idea too!

Get tutorial here: Mason Jar Fairy Garden

11. Make a Fairy Garden in a Thrifted Teacup

The DIY Mommyby @TheDIYMommy

Make a dainty fairy garden in a teacup. You can use a thrifted tea cup or one that you already have on hand. Makes a darling gift or home decor.

Get tutorial here: Make a Fairy Garden in a Thrifted Teacup

10. Fairy Garden Wreath

Create Craft Loveby @createcraftlove

Fairy gardens are not restricted to pots or planters, you can add them to a wreath! A galvanized tire hanger was used with a moss mat and garden friends embellishments. You won’t need to water this fairy garden. {wink}

Get tutorial here: Fairy Garden Wreath

9. How to Make an Easy DIY Fairy Garden

Meatloaf and Melodramaby @MeatloafandMelodrama

Making a fairy garden is a fun activity to get your kids involved with. It’s also a great opportunity to teach about gardening and plants. They can even make the bench using popsicle sticks.

Get tutorial here: How to Make an Easy DIY Fairy Garden

My Fairy Garden

My Fairy Garden

I almost hesitated because I didn’t have a girl to enjoy doing it with. But I’ve never let that stop me, so I got a couple things I liked. My son, Drake and I have the best time picking out supplies and accessories to order on Etsy. And it was like Christmas when each one arrived. Drake and I really bonded over these tiny little miniature creatures which now live in our little garden. It’s been an unexpected cherished memory between my tween son and me.

Miniature Fairy Garden TipJunkie

Fairy Garden Kit

Fairy gardens can make a wonderful gift idea for both children and adults! This helpful tutorial will show you step by step how to make a garden kit in a box that’s perfect for gift giving. All the recipient has to do is plant, decorate, and wait for fairies.

8. Fairy Garden in a Box

The Asylumby @ckvtheasylum

Include fairy garden essentials like rocks, moss, bird house, toad stools, and other favorite accessories and place it in a box for the ultimate gift!

Get tutorial here: Fairy Garden in a Box

Fairy House

Every fairy garden needs a house for the fairies. You can make them from recycled products or even from miniature bird houses. Here are a few ways to make a fairy house that’s perfect for your garden.

7. Soda Bottle Fairy House

My Pinterventuresby @mypinterventures

Since Spring is the time to start planting, why not create a fairy garden?  Learn how to make a fab fairy house from a recycled soda bottle.

Get tutorial here: Soda Bottle Fairy House

6. DIY Fairy House Planter

Consumer Craftsby @ConsumerCrafts

Check out this super clever way to make a fairy house out of a pot, mod podge, rocks and a fairy door! A magical planter for your home.

Get tutorial here: DIY Fairy House Planter

Fairy Garden Accessories

Adding miniature accessories to your fairy garden is always the funnest part. Luckily, you can easily make the accessories using recycled items at home or inexpensive craft items. Here are some fun ideas!

5. DIY Mini Toadstools for Your Fairy Garden

The Magic Onionsby @MagicOnions

Fairies love toadstools, learn how to make them using sculpey clay and craft paint.

Get tutorial here: DIY Mini Toadstools for Your Fairy Garden

4. Make a Fairy Garden Well

The Juiseby @Juise

Wishing wells are known to bring luck, fairies too! Make a garden well using twigs and rocks from your yard.

Get tutorial here: Make a Fairy Garden Well

Fairy Furniture

3. How to Make a Tiny Picnic Table for a Fairy Garden

Better Homes and Gardenby @BHG

Make a miniature picnic table for the fairies using craft sticks, hot glue, and wood stain.

Get tutorial here: How to Make a Tiny Picnic Table for a Fairy Garden

2. Salt Dough Fairy Garden Accessories

Mommy Momentby @mommymoment

There’s no need to purchase fairy garden accessories when you can make them yourself from salt dough. It’s a great outlet for creativity with kids. They can shape and form the dough and then paint them.

Get tutorial here: Salt Dough Fairy Garden Accessories

Miniature Fairies

1. Fairy Dolls DIY

Mark Montanoby @MarkMontanoLA

Make beautiful fairy dolls for your fairy garden! The perfect project to make with your kids. Watch the video tutorial for full instructions.

Get tutorial here: Fairy Dolls DIY

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