How to Pack for a Family Trip {3 tips}


Hi!  I’m Laurie with with another easy upgrade from Downy. Today’s upgrade is how to pack for a family vacation.

Whether you travel frequently as a family or only occasionally, these tips to pack for a family trip will help you make the most of your suitcase storage space and arrive at your destination with happy kids and minimal wrinkles!  {wink}

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How To Pack for a Family Trip

I’ve included 3 tips on how to pack for a family trip!  Watch it to get the most out of packing for a family trip.

Here are a few highlights:

Tip #1 ~ Pack with Care

  • Lay out all of your items by outfit, then pack with care.  In order to increase space, roll, not fold clothing!  Roll the entire outfit together with the knits inside.  This will decrease wrinkles and your whole outfit will be together!

Tip #2  ~ Make it Special For Your Kids

  • Allow each child their own personal bag including treats, snack and loves!

Tip #3 ~ Add Dryer Sheets to Keep Smelling Fresh

  • To keep your clothing smelling like home, add a few sheets of your favorite fabric softener!



Those are my 3 tips on how to effectively pack for a family trip.  I’m Laurie owner of

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