Fastest Way to Paint Doorknobs {how to paint}


5 Steps on How to Paint Doorknobs

This is the easiest and fastest way to paint dated gold doorknobs.  Use two 2×4 wood boards to hold each of the door knobs and locks.

The Supplies:

Auto primer
Brushed Metallic- oil rubbed bronze
Protective non yellowing clear finish
total supply cost– around $8

Click on the link to see pictured instructions for each step.

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  1. Comment-Anonymous Leesha

    I have been wanting to do this with our REALLY ugly brass knobs forever… my only issue.. what about the hinges?

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  3. Comment-Anonymous Dee

    I did the same thing with the hinges and pins from doors, and cabinet hinges. I have had no problems. Just clean the hinges really well, lightly sand, prime, paint and clear coat.

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  5. Comment-Anonymous Dee

    How many coats of metallic paint did you use?

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