34 Father’s Day Crafts to Make

Wondering what to make for Dad this Father’s day?  Here are some of the most thoughtful and creative homemade gifts for Dad, Grandpa, Father-In-Law to make this Father’s Day.

Father's Day Crafts to Make

When Is Fathers Day?

When is Father’s Day? It’s Sunday, June 16, 2013! The United States celebrates fathers on the third Sunday in June and made it a national holiday in 1966.  Are you ready for Father’s Day 2013 in the US on Sunday, June 16th?!

What To Make For Dad

What to Make for Dad

1. Father’s Day Bunting and Card {Father’s Day Cards} ~ If you are on the hunt for a cute way to present Dad with a treat and card then this post is for you! With this printable bunting and card you will make Dad’s day! Perfect to put a top a big stack of pancakes or even a cake!

What to Make for Dad2.  Hand Drawn Tee for Dad {Homemade Craft} ~ What a perfect gift idea for dad this Father’s Day! Kid(s) will love to draw their favorite character onto a shirt for dad, and dad will love to proudly display his kiddos work of art! Read down into the comments where she explains how create this craft!

Father's Day Printable Gifts

3.  Father’s Day Tags & Labels ~ One of a kind labels to add some pizzaz to socks, beer or a bottle of wine.

Father's Day Questionaire

4.  All About My Dad ~ Have your child fill out this ‘all about dad’ questionnaire.  Not only will your child have fun answering the questions, but dad will love to hear what they have to say about him.

Mustache Mug Tutorial5.  Mustache Mug Tutorial ~ A fun, easy and silly gift to give the cute men in our lives this Father’s Day.

Diy Gift for Dad

6.  DIY Flask Sleeve ~ This is a great gift for guys and since it doesn’t require any sewing, it’s super easy. It is also a great way to upcycle a thrifted flask or cover a damaged finish. All you need for this project is a glue gun, some wool felt and a few strips of leather. Daddy's Car Wash Kit 7.  Daddy’s Car Wash Kit ~ Decorate a bucket at Target and printed out a “Daddy’s Car Wash Kit” and fill it with all of his favorite car washing products. Jumbo Tape Dispenser Tutorial8.  Jumbo Tape Dispenser Tutorial ~ I think this is hysterical and couldn’t help but show it to you.  This is a quick tutorial on how to make a jumbo tape dispenser for Dad. DIY Accordion Photo Album In Pocket Watch9.  DIY Accordion Photo Album In Pocket Watch ~ If you’re looking for a more traditional gift for Dad or Grandpa, here’s a great pocket watch photo album tutorial.

Golf Club Head Cover

10.  Golf Club Head Cover ~ These golf club head covers would make a perfect Father’s Day gift, or birthday/Christmas gift for the avid golfer.  I love the vintage look these have.

Vintage inspired gun sleeve mini tutorial 11.  Vintage inspired gun sleeve mini tutorial ~ A mini tutorial for those of you who have hunting type men in your lives complete with a pdf printable file.

Homemade Father's Day Gift

12.  Make a Tie for Dad {Projects} ~ This is a fabulous tutorial on how to sew a tie to gift this Father’s Day! Even if you are a sewing beginner this is a project for you with these easy to follow instructions. Dad will be so impressed with this one and may even have bragging rights every time he wears it!

Father's Day Gift

13.  Dad’s Tie Gadget Case Tutorial {Father’s Day Gifts Homemade} ~ Turn one of Dad’s old ties into a handy and fashionable gadget case.  This free downloadable tutorial will show you how to transform a tie into a cover for some of Dad’s favorite gadgets.

Homemade Gift for Dad

14.  DIY Clothes Hanger Belt Organization ~ This handy belt organizer helps keep belts at your finger tips.  Simply drill holes on a wooden hanger and add hooks.  How To Make A Luggage Handle Cover 15.  How To Make A Luggage Handle Cover ~ A thoughtful gift for a guy that travels a lot.  Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make a luggage handle cover to help him quickly recognize his suitcase at the airport. Monogrammed Cuff Link Tutorial 16.  Monogrammed Cuff Link Tutorial ~  Turn a pair of thrift store cuff links into a personalized, monogram set for Dad this fathers day. How To Make An Adjustable Unisex Apron 17.  How To Make An Adjustable Unisex Apron ~ It’s big enough to be worn by a 6 foot tall guy but can easily be folded up to fit a 5 foot 4 gal as well.

Homemade Father's Day Gift

18. Father’s Day Grillin’ Towel Tutorial {Fathers Day Gifts Homemade} ~ Use this tutorial to make a grill towel Dad will love…perfect Father’s Day gift! There are five styles in all.   All come with the man-stamp-of-approval.

 Grill Rub Recipes

19.  Homemade Grill Rub Recipes ~ What man doesn’t like to grill up some scrumptious meat?  This gift presents a nice assortment of homemade spices in lovely decorated cans.  What’s not to love?

Homemade Father's Day Gift

20.  Father’s Day Gift Set Printables {Father’s Day Gifts} ~ This post features a Father’s Day set of printables that will make Dad’s day! Use this post as inspiration to gather things and treats your dad likes and then package them up with these cute printables!

Father's Day Printables

21.  Father’s Day Treat & Beverage Labels ~ Treat dad to some personalized goodies with these free beverage & treat labels.  You can make coasters out of them, wrap bottled beverages and label snacks.

Homemade Father's Day Gift

22.  Root Beer Sampler Stache ~ Make dad a root beer sampler stache with these free printables.

Father's Day Gift

23.  Father’s Day Printable {treat tag} ~ Check out this Father’s Day Printable that can be used for treats {hugs & kisses}, a card, or 8×10 photo print.  Perfect for primary kids to make for their dads too, as it features the lyrics to the classic fathers day song “I’m So Glad When Daddy Comes Home”.

Homemade Fathers Day

Homemade Father's Day

24.  Rustic Book For Dad {Easy Crafts} ~ This is such a fun idea, the kids will love to help find the materials and can even help fill it up with their works of art. Dad is sure to love the look and thought behind this simple, yet fun book idea this Fathers Day.

Gifts for Dad

25.  DIY Leather Journal {gifts for men} ~ Take a boring journal and turn it into something unique and fabulous! Wrap it in leather and personalize it with their name or initials. The leather gives it a masculine touch making it perfect for gift giving, or chronicling your own adventures.

Happy Father Day Card

Happy Father Day Card

26.  DAD Bottle Cap Gift {Homemade Father’s Day Crafts} ~ What a great project to make for dad or grandpa this Father’s Day! Using bottle caps and other trinkets representing your guy this makes for the perfect conversation piece! Kids can even get in on this fun project!

Father's Day Printable Cards
27.  Real Men Father’s Day Card ~ Fun mustache cards for the manly man in your life.  Two choices to print, “real men have kids” or “Happy Father’s Day to a real man”.

Homemade Father's Day Card

28.  Father’s Day Card and Tie {Father’s Day Cards} ~ This printable Father’s Day card and tie are beautifully designed with dad in mind! Your kids will love the tie on tie, and dad is sure to get a kick out of this clever gesture! Download and print, easy and fun!

Printable Father's Day Cards

29.  Father’s Day Card Designs ~ Let dad know he’s #1 or how much you love and appreciate him with these free printable cards.  The ‘I heart my daddy card’ is perfect for daddy’s girl or little boy.  The classic zig zag card is perfect for husbands, grandpas, stepfathers and deserving dads.

Father's Day Card

30.  Personalized Father’s Day Card {Father’s Day Printable} ~ Here is a modern, beautifully designed Father’s Day card that you can download and print! Then personalize with Dad’s favorite little handprint! Thoughtful and memorable!

Photography Gifts

Photography Gifts for Dad

31.  Interactive Homemade Father’s Day Photo Book {Crafts} ~ This is such a great idea for Father’s Day! Between the pictures taken and the pictures your kids draw, dad or grandpa is sure to love this gift! And kids will love to help create it! Perfect!

Grandparents Day

32.  Father’s Day Gift~ Black and white photos of your children make the perfect canvas for the desired saying.  Once you know what you want to say then you can search for the needed scrabble tiles.

Father's Day Photography

33.  Framed for DAD {Pictures} ~ How cute is this framed picture for dad?! She used cardboard to make the letters but you could use wood letters or even just print out letters, so many options! Buy a 3 picture frame and you have the perfect Father’s Day gift! Father's Day Photography Gifts 34.  Father’s Day Photo Collage {Pictures} ~ What a fun way to tell dad happy father’s day this year! Following the simple directions you and your children will create a gift that would be great for dad’s office! She even includes a printable to finish the project with ease! Fabulous idea!!

More Father’s Day Ideas:

We all know that “Daddy’s love TIES us together!”  {snicker}  If you’re looking for even more home made gifts to make for dad, also check out Tip Junkie’s 2013 Homemade Gift Guide for Men for even more homemade gift patterns. Father Thanks Ladies. I just adore these Father’s Day crafts! Feel free to grab my “I was featured on Tip Junkie” blog button. You earned it! {knuckle bumps}

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