Feeling Face Book for High Functioning Autism {free printable}

Most high function autistic children understand the basic emotions, but complicated ones such as embarrassment can be confusing. Therefore, I made my son a feeling face book and read it to him often to help teach him about different emotions.

I took the emotion faces from Toni Attwood’s Book, “Asperger’s Syndrome” {affiliate}  and made my son this feeling face book. I drew in the faces for each emotion. There are definitions and example sentences for each emotion.

Feeling Face Book for High Functioning Autism

Like my son, most high function autistic children understand the basic emotions, but complicated ones such as embarrassment can be confusing.

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Therefore, I made my son a feeling face book and read it to him often to help teach him about different emotions. I took the emotion faces from Toni Attwood’s Book, “Asperger’s Syndrome” and made my son this feeling face book.

I drew in the faces and added definitions and example sentences for each emotion.  In case you didn’t like my drawings I also added the original file with blank faces. HA!  I hope they help your kiddos as much as it has helped mine!

Guilty Feeling Face Book for Kids Emotions

Feeling Face Emotions in the Book:

Aggression: Mean and unfriendly in one’s actions; ready to argue or start fights. He has a hard time getting along with others because of his aggressive nature.

Anxious: Feeling worried, nervous, or afraid about something uncertain. She was anxious as she waited to see the doctor.

Apologetic: Expressing or wanting to express regret, as for an error or an offense. I’m sorry.

Arrogant: Having or showing too much pride; behaving as though one is more important than others. Winning a lot makes some people arrogant.

Bashful: Shy with people; timid. Don’t be bashful; come and give your Aunt Lisa a big kiss.

Blissful: Extreme happiness or being content.

Bored: To have nothing to do. I have a lot of toys but I don’t want to play with them. I am bored.

Cautious: Taking care to avoid danger or trouble; careful. The children were cautious as they entered the haunted house.

Cold: a. Without heat or warmth. This room is so cold. b. Feeling a lack of warmth in an unpleasant way; feeling chilled. I’m so cold that I need an extra blanket.

Confident: Having trust or faith; satisfied and sure. We are confident that our team will win.

Curious: a. Eager to learn or know. She was curious about how stars were formed. b. Interesting because unusual or strange. I wonder why Greg has that curious look on his face.

Determined: a. To decide or settle finally and without question. We determined a date for the birthday party. b. To try hard with out giving up. The boy is determined to finish the race.

Disappointed: To fail to do or give something expected or hoped for. His bad decisions disappointed his parents.

Disbelieving: To refuse to believe in; to deny. I can’t believe my ice cream cone fell on the floor.

Enraged: To make very angry. My brother broke my toy and I felt enraged.

Envious: Showing or feeling envy or desire for what another has. I wish I had a new rocket like Ethan.

Exhausted: a. To make tired; wear out. The long day at school exhausted her. b. To use all of; use up. The campers exhausted their supply of food and had to catch fish.

Frightened: To cause fear in; scare. The growling dog frightened the children.

Guilty: a. Feeling or showing guilt. My mom saw mess I made and I knew I made a bad decision. I looked guilty. b. Responsible for doing something wrong. The police man sent the guilty mad to jail.

Happy: Feeling joy or pleasure; being glad or content. She was very happy with her birthday gifts

Horrified: To cause feelings of horror in; frighten, shock. The sight of the dead animal horrified us.

Hot: a. Holding or giving off great heat. The hot soup was delicious.
b. Causing the physical feeling of great heat. It’s a hot summer day.

Hurt: a. To cause pain, harm or suffering too. Did you hurt yourself when you fell of the bike? b. To cause painful feelings in. You really hurt her with your mean words.

Hysterical: Causing much laughter; wildly funny. That joke was hysterical.

Indifferent: Without interest or concern; not caring. He was indifferent to his daughter’s need for a warm coat.

Interested: a. The desire to learn, know, or take part in something. The boy was very interested in rockets. b. Someone or something that causes such a desire. NASCAR is one of my interests.

Jealous: a. Afraid of losing someone’s love or attention to another person. She became jealous when her parents spent so much time with the new baby.
b. Feeling envy of what another person has or can do. He was jealous of his friends new scooter.

Lonely: a. Without company; alone. She didn’t have anyone to play with and felt lonely. b. Unhappy because alone; lonesome. I felt lonely for my brother while he was away at school.

Love-struck: A strong but temporary romantic attraction. He is love-struck with a girl in his class.

Negative: a. Not helpful or constructive. She made negative comments about my singing.b. A statement, action, or gesture showing that one refuses or is against something. His answer was negative. c. Saying or meaning “no”. He gave a negative answer to the question.

Regretful: Having sorrow or remorse for a loss, an act, or a disappointment. The boy regretted that he threw the toy down and broke it.

Relieved: a. To free from fear, worry, need, or poverty. The boy was relieved that he did not get in trouble for spilling the apple juice. b. To make less painful or troubling; ease. Honey will relieve your sore throat.

Sad: Unhappy or without joy. Steve was so sad when his friend had to go home.

Satisfied: To drive away feelings of doubt; convince. Sam’s excuse for making a mess satisfied his mom.

Surprised: To catch off guard; come upon or occur to suddenly. He surprised his mommy with a kiss.

Suspicious: Causing questions or doubt. The little boy was suspicious of why the older boy was being so nice to him.

Undecided: Not yet decided or settled. The question is undecided.

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