Felt Cup Cake Pincushions {tutorial}

I had this idea to make some cup cake pincushions after seeing an idea of making a felt cake pincushion. I have been working with lots of felt and I also have some ribbing from some old wool sweaters so I used the felt to make some delicious cupcakes. They look pretty enough to eat but don’t try, (you might get dry mouth!) I will give you the instructions to make these cute treats! Cut 2 pieces of felt about 3inches wide and about 20 inches long. Fold them both in half and then lay them on top of each other. Use the one that you want to show the most color on the bottom of the stack. Roll them up together decreasing the roll so that the middle is higher than the end.Once you have it rolled together sew a seam on the edge to keep them together. Use straight pins to keep it together while you sew.

After you have it sewn together use a sweater cuff or a piece of ribbing sewn together to make a tube. Sew it inside out and sew a seam around the edge of the unfinished cuff.

Fold the cuff down over the top and then use a small amount of batting to fill the hole that is left by rolling at an angle.

Fill the hole with the batting and cut a circle of felt to match the bottom of your cupcake.

I used hot glue to put the bottom on but just glue it around the edge of the cuff to the batting,(if you get too close to the edge of the felt it oozes out and doesn’t look as nice.

Then cut a small circle of red felt and sew a running stitch around the edge of the felt. I put a small Styrofoam ball in the middle to help it hold it’s circle shape. Then pull the thread tight and sew back and forth on the bottom to hold it tight. Knot it at the end and then use hot glue to put the cherry on the top!

Then embellish it with whatever you like. I had some little felt flowers, rick rack, ribbon, and of course you need the sprinkles for the top of the cup cake. If you have straight pins that have a colored ball on the top it makes a great pincushion! You can also cut a piece of magnet in the shape of a circle and glue it on the bottom of the cup cake to pick up all of the dropped pins that you have.

On this one I used just a strip of felt to make the ribbon. Then I had another idea on how to display these cute cupcakes.

I had made a trip to the DI to find some things I needed for my projects and I saw these plates and bowls and thought what cute cake stands they would make. I turned the bowls over and used some 9001 glue to glue the inverted bowls to the bottoms of the plates.

This glue is super strong and is waterproof so you can use it on the cake plates so you can wash them later. (I don’t think I would wash them in the dish washer though.) I thought they turned out pretty cute for putting any kind of sweet treats and for $2.00 for the larger one and $1.50 for the smaller one you can’t beat the price! These cupcakes were very easy to make or I should say easy peasy to make and once you start making them you will just want to make more!

Felt Cup Cake Pincushions {tutorial}


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  1. ho la la !! thank you !! thank you !! cupcake beautifuel !!! j’adore et je vais les tenter !! je t’embrasse de Marseille côte d’azur – France

  2. I think your tutorial on cupcake pincushions is great! Had seen them but never thought how easy they would be to put together. Thank you.

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