Felt Nativity Hand Puppets

Felt Nativity Hand Puppets

Make these felt Nativity hand puppets as an alternative to full costumes to act out the Nativity.  Make them for yourself or as a gift.

These hand puppets can be made quickly for fun Christmas story-telling and activities.  Felt bodies may be quickly glued together using tacky or craft glue.


Mary holding Jesus
Wiseman #1
Wiseman #2
Wiseman #3

Felt requirements:

*  For suggested body colors to make all 8 puppets using 9″ x 12″ felt squares.
*  2 squares each:  Light blue, tan, gold, turquoise, purple, orange
*  4 squares white
*  Scrap Pieces:  brown, black, yellow, royal blue, light pink (for faces), white short fake fur

Other Notions:

2 black pipe cleaners (for Shepherd Staff 6″ length)
Ric rac, braided, metalic, and lace trips
12 jewel-type trims for large sequins or buttons
Small googly eyes

Character Colors and embellishments:

Mary holding Jesus:  Mary light blue felt body, royal blue sash felt, Infant Jesus white felt,
Joseph:  Gold or tan felt body,
Angel:  white felt body, gold metallic braid, gold halo
Shepherd:  Tan felt body,
Lamb:  white felt with white fur,
Wiseman #1:  purple felt body,
Wiseman #2:  Turquoise felt body,
Wiseman #3:  orange felt body,

Cut 2 pieces of felt for each body, allow 1/4″ seam allowance, leave bottom open. See pictures for details on embellishments.

Felt Natiity Hand Puppets

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Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
-- -- -- 7-9
-- Homemade Gift

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