5 Great First Day of School Photos!


Have a ton of fun documenting the first day of school this year with these 5 fabulous photo props and photography tips! Make your 1st day of school photo a cherished memory for the two of you!

5 Great First Day of School Photos

I am hooking you up with 5 amazing first day school activities that you can do with your kids at any age.

First Day of School ~ Photo Op!

chalkboard speech bubbles

.  These fun chalkboard speech bubbles are a great way to keep track of all the years of back-to-school photos you’ll be taking. Kami has hooked you up with a complete tutorial on how to make these speech bubbles.  Be sure to have your kiddo hold them in different places each year so your Elementary-school-year-collage will be fun and entertaining!

First Day of School ~ Photo

2.  Free back to school printable posters for kids to hold as they advance through school.  Oh how much fun you’ll have with these adorable first day of school photo props.  I love that they are made using a pencil.

3.  I love how this simple photo is now more of a journal by adding fun tidbits of information about the child.  What a fun first day of school tradition.

4.  I just adore how a simple apple and a book can transform a photo into an immediate memory of back to school.

5. Of course this article wouldn’t be complete without simple tips for capturing back to school photos.  Rebecca has beautifully illustrated 5 back to school photo tips to make your pictures even more impressive.



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  1. I would have to say #5 is my favorite. It tells a story of a little boy facing the world on his own (which I’m sure mom was not far behind)

  2. I like Cherokee on Facebook. I can’t wait to try the chalkboard bubble…so cute

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