Food Expiration Labels

If you’re like me who is not very fond of having her nose smelling left over food in the fridge to know if it’s still okay to eat, then you’ll most probably love this printable!

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It would be nice if the food containers inside our fridge had labels that said “Consume or Use by: so and so day” which was why I figured it’s high time that I made food expiration labels to remind us when the food we put in fridge is going to expire without having our noses smell it. I have a very keen sense of smell, you know, so I’d rather not stick my nose to something awful.

To use the printable, just print it on an 8.5 x 11 inch sticker paper, cut out these labels by following the dashed lines and use these to tag food containers to remind you of their expiration dates.

Have fun taggin’ your food!

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