Everyday Food Recipes with Pictures

Today I’m featuring everyday food recipes with pictures so we can all incorporate something new into our menus.  Not only are these some great recipes but some money saving tips as well!

Easy  Lemon Chicken recipe from Nap Time Journal

Before you put that grill away for the summer you need to grill yourself some Lemon Chicken.

Everyday Food Recipes with Pictures

1.  Safe to Eat *RAW* Cookie Dough Recipe – EGGLESS Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Recipe… perfect for eating plain, dipping dough balls into chocolate, using as frosting on chocolate cupcakes, mixing in vanilla ice-cream or making into Cookie Dough Pops!

2.  Fondant cake tutorial – Made out of a Minnie Mouse cake from I Design.

3.  Spoiled Rotten: How Does Your Produce Behave?  Did a comprehensive tutorial on storing produce properly to extend it’s life.

4.  How to Make Great Tinfoil Dinners – Some of my favorite tinfoil dinner recipes that take them beyond the basics.

More Recipes from Tip Junkie


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  1. Wow!! Thanks for featuring my cookie dough recipe! 🙂 I’m going to be smiling all day – probably all week!

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