14 Free and Easy Skirt Patterns to Sew


Sew and make easy skirts with these cut & sew patterns to make which include simple sewing projects.  Some of the skirt tutorials include boxpleat, pleated chevron stripe, jersey pencil skirt, knit skirt with pockets, vintage bow skirt, lace skirt, tulle skirt, maxi skirt, trumpet skirt and a pinwheel skirt.

14 Free and Easy Skirt Patterns to Sew on Tip Junkie

We’ve taken away all the guess work on how to make a skirt with these incredible tutorials.  For even more ways to sew a skirt Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 669 Pattern Ideas.  You can always search there if you’re looking for more patterns with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Skirt Patterns

Chevron Skirt With Pocket {Tutorial}

1.  Chevron Skirt With Pockets {Tutorial} ~ This chevron skirt is so super-adorable.  Plus, it even has a cute pocket.  I’m a sucker for dressed with pockets.  And for those of you intimidated by zippers, this tutorial includes a great tip.

Jersey Pencil Skirt DIY {Skirts}

2.  Jersey Pencil Skirt DIY {Skirts} ~ This pencil skirt is so stylish and with the help of this great tutorial you can make one! If you have a bit of sewing experience under your belt this fabulous skirt will be a cinch! She even shows you how to add an embellishment to the bottom of the skirt for a bit more detail!

Knit Skirt with Pockets {Skirts}

3.  Knit Skirt with Pockets {Skirts} ~ Here is a tutorial where you’ll learn how to create a lovely skirt with pockets! She even includes a printable pattern to make the process that much easier! You’ll use knit fabric which is both comfy and cute! A fabulous skirt that can be worn year round!

Vintage Bow Skirt Tutorial {Skirts}

4.  Vintage Bow Skirt Tutorial {Skirts} ~ This super stylish skirt was refashioned from a long unwanted skirt. With a few cuts and new seams you’ll create a skirt perfect for a night out on the town! An easy repurpose with the help of this tutorial!

Long Skirts

Tulle Skirt Tutorial

5.  Tulle Skirt Tutorial ~ Make yourself a fun and stylish tulle skirt! This tutorial combines two different methods to get the perfect womens’ tulle skirt. It’s not too poofy or costumey, but still full and beautiful!

Sewing a Maxi Skirt {Skirts}

6.  Sewing a Maxi Skirt {Skirts} ~ Want to learn how to make a stylish maxi skirt? If so check out this fabulous tutorial with beautifully designed directions! A great way to put your sewing skills to work on a skirt that can be worn through all the seasons!

DIY Maxi Skirt {Women's Clothing}

7.  DIY Maxi Skirt {Women’s Clothing} ~ Here is a super easy to follow maxi skirt sewing tutorial! After you find the fabric you want to create your skirt out of come back to this fabulous step by step guide. So easy to make and wear that you’ll want to make more than one!

Cut & Sew

DIY Trumpet Skirt

8.  DIY Trumpet Skirt ~ This skirt is so stylish and feminine and with the help of this fabulous tutorial it’s super easy to create!  There are two ways to make the ruffle by cutting a circle or a rectangular piece.

Knit Pencil Skirt {Skirts}

9.  Knit Pencil Skirt {Skirts} ~ This knit pencil skirt is super stylish, perfect to wear dressy or casually. The best part about making this skirt from scratch is you can personalize it to fit your body! Make it as tight or as lose as you feel comfortable!

Simple Skirt for Sewing Beginners {Beginner}

10.  Simple Skirt for Sewing Beginners {Beginner} ~ Are you new to the sewing party? This blog features a great sewing 101 series! This post features a great first project where you’ll learn to sew a cute yet simple skirt!

Pleated Skirt Tutorial {Skirts}

11.  Pleated Skirt Tutorial {Skirts} ~ This is a fabulous skirt tutorial where you’ll learn how to create one for yourself! With the help of this post even the beginner seamstress can tackle this pattern! A very stylish addition to your wardrobe!

Box Pleat Women's Skirt Tutorial {Box Pleat}

12.  Box Pleat Women’s Skirt Tutorial {Box Pleat} ~ Here is a tutorial where you can make a lovely skirt using the box pleat method! You’ll need a little sewing experience, but with this helpful tutorial you’ll be on your way to having a stylish skirt to add to your wardrobe!

Lacey Skirt Tutorial {Skirts}

13.  Lacey Skirt Tutorial {Skirts} ~ With this great tutorial you will be able to create a fabulously stylish skirt! You will need to have a little sewing experience under your belt, this is not for the casual sewer, but if you can you totally should! Who can resist a feminine and beautiful lace skirt!

Pinwheel Skirt {Tutorial}

14.  Pinwheel Skirt {Tutorial} ~ I am dying over how cute this Pinwheel skirt is.  No pattern needed, just follow the detailed pictured instructions and you are good to go.

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Free and Easy Skirt Patterns to Sew

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