13 Free Cross Stitch Patterns to Make

Free cross stitch patterns to help you learn how to cross stitch for beginners as well as printable patterns for more advanced designs.    Cross stitch patterns are so lovely and stand the test of time!  These patterns would make the perfect gift for others {or to give to yourself-ha} and the best part is that the recipient would know it comes from the heart!  {{wink}}

Free Cross Stitch Patterns to Make

Free Cross Stitch Patterns

Free Cross Stitch Pattern

1.  Cross-Stitch Family Portrait ~ A fun and unique way to capture your family portrait!  Cross-stitch images of each family member using the free clip art templates.  It’s much easier than you think and so worth it!

Free Cross Stitch Patterns

2.  Ice Cream Cross Stitch Charts ~ These ice cream cones are just one of the many free patterns to cross stitch.  The Split Stitch has listed multiple adorable patterns for free including a bubble gum machine, flip flop, Easter patterns, toadstool, toddler car and even how to hang your finished patterns in an embroidery hoop.

Cross Stitch Pattern

3.  Cross Stitch Chair {how-to} ~ This road-side chair makeover is ubber fabulous!  The stitch technique is exactly the same that is used for a tapestry canvas.

Free Cross Stitch Pattern

4.  DIY Cross-Stitch Stool ~ Who would of thought to cross stitch a wood stool?!  What a clever and unique idea!  Use the free pattern to drill holes in the wood and cross stitch with yarn.  Or, you can paint the stitches instead of drilling.

Free Cross Stitch Pattern

5.  Bible Cover-Plastic Canvas Needlepoint ~ A chart for a plastic canvas bible cover.   You can use the chart for knitting, cross stitch, or needlepoint. Try it, it is easy and you can store it right there. You have the ability to see other charts made by other people also.

Gathered Easter Basket Goody Bag

6.  Gathered Easter Basket Goody Bag ~ A free pattern on how to make a gathered and cross stitched goody bag for Easter.

Free Cross Stitch Pattern

7.  Heart Cross Stitched Canvas ~ Learn how to design your own cross stitch pattern and create beautiful canvas artwork with this wonderful tutorial.  The design possibilities are limitless!

Printable Cross Stitch Patterns

Printable Cross-Stitch Heart Sweater

8.  DIY Cross Stitch Heart Sweater ~ Embellish a plain t-shirt or sweater with these free heart cross-stitch patterns.  There are three different heart patterns to choose from.  Simply download, print and cross stitch.

Free Cross Stitch Patterns

9.  DIY iPhone Cross Stitch Case ~ Design your own iPhone case with this free stitching template.  There’s a video tutorial to show you how.

Free Printable Cross Stitch Pattern

10.  Folksy DIY Cross-Stitch Wall Organizer ~ Isn’t this folksy doll with yarn braids wall organizer absolutely adorable?!  It’s perfect for storing your hair clips, paper, pencils and other craft supplies.

Free Printable Cross Stitch Patterns

11.  Mini Cross-Stitch Patterns ~ Use these free mini 1970’s retro patterns to cross stitch shirts, jewelry and hair clips.  Download and print the free chart.

Printable Cross-Stitch Pattern

12.  DIY Cross-Stitch Wall Art {free download} ~ State art is so trendy these days.  Now you can learn how to create your own state pattern with the free graph paper download and this fabulous tutorial.

Free Printable Cross Stitch Patterns

13.  Washi Tape Cross Stitch ~ Cross stitch patterns don’t always have to be sewn, you can paint them or use washi tape to make beautiful murals.  Crab + Fish has a step by step tutorial to show you how.

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