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27 Trendy Free Handbag Patterns To Sew


You’re going to love these beautiful and free handbag patterns, how to sew a purse tutorials, and even tutorials on how to make a tote.  Perfect for homemade gifts for yourself, friends, and teacher appreciation week.

For more free handbag, purse, and clutch patterns check out the Tip Junkie Creative Community.

City Tote Handbag Pattern {printable}

Free Handbag Pattern

1.  City Tote Handbag Pattern {printable} ~ This is such a flirty handbag from Confessions of a Sewing Addict that’s perfect for Spring.

FREE Bag Purse Pattern: Big n' Beautiful Betty

2.  FREE Bag Purse Pattern: Big n’ Beautiful Betty ~ To me this  Summery version oozes Madmen chic.  I love love love the fashion and furniture from that show. {Printable Pattern}

The Graceful Kelly Bag {prtinable pattern}
3. The Graceful Kelly Bag {prtinable pattern} ~ This bag is totally inspired by the purse frame itself.  As soon as I saw the frame I was thinking of film starlets, Grace Kelly, Doris Day, and the lovely women of Mad Men.

Coco Handbag Pattern {printable pattern}
4.  Coco Handbag Pattern {printable pattern} Coco closes with a magnetic snap and has an inside slip pocket as well. Featuring grommets, piped handles with hooks and rivets too, nobody will believe you made it yourself!

Buttercup Bag Free Purse Patterns

Free Purse Patterns

5.  Buttercup Bag Free Purse Patterns ~ This pattern uses a mere fat quarter of fabric for the outer + a little less of another fabric for lining.

Phoebe Bag Purse Pattern
6.  Phoebe Bag Purse Pattern ~ I adore this flirty A-line free purse pattern with a fabric closure to keep it’s shape.

Free Bag Patterns

Pleated Lined handbag pattern
7.  Pleated Lined handbag pattern ~ This bag is pleated and nice and roomy as a purse. Have fun mixing and matching coordinating prints.

The Olivia Bag Pattern

8.  The Olivia Bag Pattern ~  A free bag pattern that is so easy to make and customize the pockets to whatever you need.

Pleated Tote Pattern {printable file}
9.  Pleated Tote Pattern {printable file}  ~ A colorful pleated tote that has an adorable button enclosure.

Pick-A-Pocket Purse Pattern {printable file}
10.  Pick-A-Pocket Purse Pattern {printable file} ~ A simple bag cleverly incorporates six outer pockets for everyday necessities. The sew-simple trick is that the pockets are formed when the straps are sewn on the bag pieces.Large Tote with Rounded Opening

11.  Large Tote with Rounded Opening ~ The outer fabric is called Duck Cloth.  It’s super thick and sturdy canvas-y material that gives totes a great shape.  The inner fabric is just a woven cotton.

Pottery Barn Knock-Off Bag Pattern
12.  Pottery Barn Knock-Off Bag Pattern ~ This version is a little larger then Pottery Barns and added a little “Tasha” Ruffle for a feminine touch.

2-in-1 Bag: Stroller Bag into a Messenger Bag Pattern

13.  2-in-1 Bag: Stroller Bag into a Messenger Bag Pattern ~ This bag begins as a stroller bag with 2 snap on straps on each side, holding the bag up high and out of the way.  It also keeps the bag from slipping off the stroller handle(s).

Canvas Beach Bag Pattern

14.  Canvas Beach Bag Pattern ~ This bag is extra big.  I can fit 3 towels, tons of sunscreen, and plenty of snacks and toys in it.

How to Make a Reversible Bag

15.  How to Make a Reversible Bag ~This bag is is similar to Charlie bag in terms of shape and sewing technique, it is slightly smaller and has rounded bottom.

Poochie Bags Tutorial

16.  Poochie Bags Tutorial ~ An adorable tote made from 3 fat quarters with a printable pattern that’ s easy to make for party favor bags, gift bags, or as a functional tote.

Free Clutch Sewing Pattern

Free Clutch Purse Patterns

17.  Free Clutch Sewing Pattern ~ The is for an easy-to-sew basic clutch purse.  This is a great project for a beginner.

Free Clutch Purse Patterns
18.  Clutch It Free Clutch Purse Patterns ~ Instead of letting a heavy bag weigh you down, use this clutch bag. If you’re looking to learn how to make clutch purses, check out this project. In spring and summer especially this cute clutch will really come in handy.

Placemat Clutch Tutorial

19.  Placemat Clutch Tutorial ~ How to turn a dollar store placemat into an adorable clutch.  Embellish with any type of button, flower, or clasp.

Easy Clutch Sewing Pattern

20.  Easy Clutch Sewing Pattern ~ These darling clutches are embellished with a fabric flower hair pin from Forever21. {cute}

Clutch Purse with Antique Pin Closure
21.  Clutch Purse with Antique Pin Closure ~ The feminine shape of Amy Butler’s handheld purse is accentuated by a sparkly, antique pin at the closure.

Gathered Clutch Tutorial

22.  Gathered Clutch Tutorial ~ the most time consuming part for me is always picking out my fabrics and cutting them, the rest goes together pretty easy, so let’s go!

Free Quilted Bag Patterns

Free Quilted Bag Patterns

23.  Dresden petal handbag tutorial ~  The only pattern piece is a modified Dresden petal sew it together in any color combination that you’d like.

Bold Quilted Bag Pattern

24.  Bold Quilted Bag Pattern ~ It’s the perfect bag for toting around all summer — or any other day.

Friendship Free Quilted Bag Pattern
25.  Friendship Free Quilted Bag Pattern ~ Here’s an adorable & quick ‘go to’ gift that will brighten any quilters day.

Pipistrelle Crochet Handbag Pattern

Purse Crochet Pattern

26.  Pipistrelle Crochet Handbag Pattern~ A great crochet tutorial on how to make a versatile handbag that’s perfect for everyday use.

Ribbon-Weaved Crochet Handbag

27.  Ribbon-Weaved Crochet Handbag ~ Crochet a stylish handbag using these free printable instructions.

27 Trendy Free Handbag Patterns To Sew

More Free Purse Patterns


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Free Handbag Pattern


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