Family Picture Jigsaw Puzzles to Make


Family Picture jigsaw puzzles would make a thoughtful gift idea for anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and other holidays and events who’s guest of honor loves puzzles.

Debbie is looking to create jigsaw puzzles out of her pictures and I thought that is such a cool idea!  So here’s a quick list of DIY free jigsaw puzzles as well as online websites which will quickly help you create your own.

Free Jigsaw Puzzles to Make:

1. DIY Jigsaw Puzzle using Silhouette Studio

2.  DIY Free Jigsaw Puzzle with Printable

3. How to Create Jigsaw Puzzles in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Publisher

4. How to Make a Custom Jigsaw Puzzle {video}

5.  DIY Jigsaw Puzzle Wedding Guestbook

Online Jigsaw Puzzles to Buy:

Here are several websites who can make the jigsaw puzzles online for you:

6. Create Jigsaw Puzzles ~ Choose from any size imaginable.

7. Portrait Puzzles ~ Create your own photo jigsaw puzzle in 3 easy steps.

8. Custom Shape Jigsaw Puzzles ~ Create cool shapes like hearts and circle puzzles as well as different types of materials.

9. Custom Piece Jigsaw Puzzles ~ If you’d rather customize your puzzle by the number of pieces then this is the website for you.

10. Cobble Hill Create Your Own Puzzle (Single) 20 Piece DIY Jigsaw Puzzle {affiliate link}

Puzzle Mats:

11. DIY Roll-up Puzzle Mat tutorial

12.  Quick DIY Jigsaw Puzzles Work Station & Storage Set

13.  How to make a wood DIY puzzle board

free jigsaw puzzles
Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
-- $25 to $50
-- -- Anyone
Family Life
Game Night
Homemade Gift

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