30 Free Printable Valentines Day Cards


How to make Valentines Day cards with free printable valentines.  These free printable Valentines include Valentines Day Activities, gifts and treats.

Free Printable Valentines Day Cards

Tip Junkie has 300 Valentine’s Day tutorials all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make.  You can always search there if you’re looking for more Valentine patterns with step-by-step instructions. {wink}


Mustache Valentines {free printable}

1.  Mustache Valentines {free printable} ~ “I mustache you to be my Valentine”!  How fab is this printable card?  There are two options to print, one with a printed mustache and one without so that you can add your own.

Loom Band Valentine Printables

2.  Loom Band Valentine Printables ~ Loom band bracelets are all the rage these days!  Attach them to these cute Loom-y Valentine’s card printables for a fun party favor or to pass out at school. They’re perfect for both boys and girls!

Printable Valentine's Day Card

3.  Classroom Valentines Cards ~ Use these if you are looking for an alternative to the drugstore valentines.  They are sweet and simple, and you could always add some glitter glue or rhinestones if you wanted to jazz them up a bit.

Valentines Day Cards

Homemade Valentine Card

4.  Free Valentine’s Card Printables ~ Download and print these free Valentines Day cards for the kiddos to sign and pass out at school.  Don’t forget to attach a little treat.

What Does the Fox Say Valentine

5.  What Does the Fox Say Valentine ~ If you are fan of this ultra popular song, “What does the fox say”, then this is the card for you.  There’s a boy and girl version to choose from.  

Valentine Cards {free printable}

6.  Valentine Cards {free printable} ~ I am falling for these adorable Valentine’s Day Cards!  They are in red and light blue color palette which makes them perfect for giving to male or female.

Homemade Valentine Card

7.  Two-Toned Valentine Card {free printable} ~ I love the two-toned colors and vintage feel of these adorable valentine cards.  Attach a yummy treat for passing out at school, or just put in an envelope and drop in the mail.  Sweets or no, these cute printable cards are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Homemade Valentine Cards

Frozen Warm Hugs Valentine

8.  Frozen Warm Hugs Valentine ~ Olaf is sending warm hugs with this Valentine.  Attach a Hershey’s kiss for the “hug”.  

Homemade Valentine's Card 9.  It’s a Super Valentine for Boys {Valentine Printable} ~ Since my son has been into comics lately, I decided to make some superhero valentine cards for him. They’re generic superheroes and the cape reads, “Have a SUPER Valentine’s Day!”  There is a free printable available for you to make Super Valentines of your own.

Super Fly Valentines Printable {Boy Valentines}

10.  Super Fly Valentines Printable {Boy Valentines} ~ These plane Valentines really are “super fly, with their fantastic design! Perfect for your little aviator! All you have to do is print and fold! Fun to make and fun to give!

 You're One in a Minion Valentine

11.  You’re One in a Minion Valentine ~ Transform twinkies into minions with these fun printable wraps.  


Homemade Valentine Card

12.  Star Wars Valentine {DIY Valentine Card} ~ This is the perfect valentine craft for Star Wars enthusiasts!  The saber stick is awesome with the glow stick attached.  I love the idea of the treat being a glow stick instead of candy.  Simply download the free file and print the cards yourself.  Easy peasy!

Whoopee It's Valentine's Day Printable {Funny Valentines}

13.  Whoopee It’s Valentine’s Day Printable {Funny Valentines} ~ Have a jokester for a son or daughter? This is a clever, funny Valentine they could give out for Valentine’s Day! Made easy with this free printable!

Play-Doh Valentine {Valentine Printable}

14.  Play-Doh Valentine {Valentine Printable} ~ Instead of a sugary treat, let your preschooler give their classmates a Play-doh valentine that will last longer than the 3 seconds it takes them to devour a piece of candy.  Kelli even has a free printable to easily turn a small can of play-doh into the perfect preschool valentine.

Robot Valentine Card

15.  Robot Valentine Card ~ Beep beep! Boop boop!  That’s how a robot says Happy Valentine’s Day.  Use an x-acto knife to make slits in the card to add lollipops or simply tape them on.  

"Hey Smartie" Printable Valentine

16.  ““Hey Smartie” Printable Valentine ~ For a quick and simple valentine card simply print the free card and attach a roll of smartie’s using washi tape.

Valentine Day Card

17.  Valentine Day Pringles Snack Label {free printable} ~ “You are a bear-y special Valentine”!  Aren’t these free printables adorable?  There are four caption choices to download, print and attach to individual sized Pringles chips.  Perfect to pass out to classmates or give them as party favors.

Printable Valentine Punch Card

18.  Printable Valentine Punch Card ~ Help your child keep track of their good deeds with this Valentine punch card.  It’s a great way for children to earn rewards.

Valentine Printable

19.  Valentine Printable ~ This adorable school themed valentine, “Valentine you are just write”, has two options to print in lined paper or chalkboard.  It’s also the perfect size to fit a box of sweettarts.

Free Printable Valentine Cards

20.  Free Printable Valentine Cards ~ These free printable Valentine cards are perfect for the classroom, a friend, neighbor, family member or party. You can attach them to candy or a gift or just give them alone. There are six adorable printable Valentine cards to choose from so you are not stuck with just one design. The cards designed in pink, red and white just make my heart happy!

Homemade Gifts

Candy Tic Tac Valentine

21.  Candy Tic Tac Valentine ~ This fun Tic Tac Valentine doubles as a treat and a game all in one!  

Valentine Printable Tags

22.  Valentine Printable Tags ~ Valentine Printable Tags are fun and make embellishing treats for Valentine’s Day super. There’s so much candy giving, but as an alternative, you can also give homemade treats with printable tags. That’s why I love these Printable Valentine Tags with adorable owls on them. They are so versatile.

You Blow Me Away Printable Valentine {Valentines Printable}

23.  You Blow Me Away Printable Valentine {Valentines Printable} ~ This is a clever valentine for your little gum lover! Made super easy with this cute printable. All you have to do is buy the gum, print the tags and you have a great little valentine that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

 "You're a Hoot" Valentines Lollipop Cover

24. “You’re a Hoot” Valentines Lollipop Cover {free printable} ~ An adorable lollipop cover that reads, You’re a Hoot”.  Available in a pink and green version.

Valentine Monster Pencil {free printable}

25.  Valentine Monster Pencil {free printable} ~ Make a fun pom pom monster pencil topper and attach the free flag printable to pass out to classmates.

Valentine's Day Bookmarks

26.  Valentine’s Day Bookmarks ~ A free Valentine bookmark that reads, “I Like Playing with You”.  Perfect for the video game lovers.

 Lets Stick Together Valentine

27.  Lets Stick Together Valentine ~ We stick together like tape and glue.  Attach these adorable Valentine’s Day cards to a fun treat to pass out to classmates.

Party Favors

Valentine Party Favors28.  Valentine Chapstick Labels ~ Finding a fun valentine for a Teen or Tween can be hard. Especially if you are going for the non traditional candy free Valentine. Chapstick labels to the rescue. Print a sheet of them our or just a couple. Wrap them around your dollar store chapsticks and gift away.

A-mazing Valentines Cards for Kids

29.  A-mazing Valentines Cards for Kids ~ Need an easy and cute Valentine’s Card to send with your kiddos to their parties this year? All you need to do is print out the cards and add the cute mazes! 

Printable Valentine Card

30.  Bubble Valentines Card ~ This darling Valentine card reads “Being your friend makes me BURST with joy”.  You could attach a tiny bottle of bubbles as shown, or even a piece of bubble gum.



Be sure to check out the Tip Junkie Valentine’s Day site for decorations, party ideas, free printable Valentines, and kids craft ideas.

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