Friends Are Like Flowers

Going Away Party

There’s so many things you can do with this poem. Don’t forget to sign you name at the bottom.

Friends Are Like Flowers Card

1. Attach the poem to a bouquet of flowers.

2. Do an “Around the Clock” Birthday Party. The last person of the day attaches this poem to their flower.

Friends are like Flowers 2

3. Do a bead exchange with your girl friends at a slumber party. Have your bead be in the shape of a flower, petal, or have a flower on it and attach this poem. (See picture below.)

4. As a going away party favor for each guest. Type out the poem on a sheet of paper with a personal message explaining what their friendship means to you. Roll up your letter and tie a ribbon around it.

Hot glue a hair clip to the back of a flower and attach it to the ribbon. The flower makes your message even more beautiful and your guest can use the flower any way they wish. At a going away party in my honor I had everyone put it in their hair and we took a great picture I’ll cherish forever. (See pictures below)

Friends are Like Flowers Poem

Friends are like flowers
each unique in their own way,
put them all together
what a wonderful bouquet.

Some are really brilliant
full of light sharp and clear,
while other are more subdued
to both you can adhere.

You are a flower in my garden
that makes up my bouquet,
my friends you all make
a very impressive display.

Friends are like Flowers Poem

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Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
-- -- -- -- Grown Up Best Friend
Going Away
Homemade Gift

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