Frog Games

Frog Games

Play these fun games with your family or at a Leap Year party.

Frog Hunt:  Print out as many frogs (in what ever version you prefer) and hide them.  Have the kids search for hidden frogs around the party room or outside.

Ribbit, Ribbit, Jump: Here is a different version of “Duck, Duck, Goose”.  The player is tapped on the head when the word “jump” is said.  They must hop and try to catch the other player who must also hop around and get back to the empty spot.

Pass the Toad: Using a stuff animal frog, play this game like “Hot Potato”. Eliminating a player who has the frog when the music stops until there is one winner left.

The project requires either sewing or hot glue skills. A child of age 9 or so could do the project with adult supervision.

Frog Games2

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Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
-- -- -- 7-9
-- Activity or Game
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