30 Fun Things To Do On The 4th of July

4th of July is such a fun holiday to craft and celebrate as a family! I look forward to these family gatherings every year!  So here are several red white and blue tutorials on how to decorate and fun things to do for a patriotic family gathering.  I’ve included  your porch, front door, mantel, bikes, parades, and floats.

4th of July

Create a new 4th of July tradition or do a simple activitiy for kids with these awesome Patriotic crafts! Use these pictured instructions to make red, white and blue CraftsDIY DecorFood and RecipesParty Ideas, Free Printables, and Activities for Kids perfect for 4th of July!

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Red White and Blue Decor

Red White and Blue Tassels {bleach dipped}

1.  Red White and Blue Tassels {bleach dipped} ~ These Red White and Blue Tassels are a great decoration for your Patriotic Celebration, especially with this fun bleached dipped technique.

Patriotic Popsicle Stick Garland

2.  Patriotic Popsicle Stick Garland ~ These wooden sticks are not just for popsicles! Check out this clever way to create a modern Patriotic garland out of popsicle sticks! Super easy and inexpensive to make!

4th of July Paper Roll Craft

3.  4th of July Paper Roll Craft ~ Check out this festive 4th of July Paper Roll American flag. Perfect to decorate with for all the patriotic holidays! Make one for your home with the tutorial found in this post!

Cedar Shim Flag

4.  Cedar Shim Flag ~ How clever is this fabulous cedar shim patriotic flag! The main thing you’ll need is to round up wood shims, which your local hardware store will have. Then follow this great tutorial to create this festive 4th of July piece of decor!

Patriotic Molding Flag

5.  Patriotic Molding Flag ~ If you are looking for a great project to create patriotic decor, this is perfect! Using mold trim from your local hardware store and some paint you will be able to create a beautiful piece of decor that can be used on any patriotic holiday!

Patriotic Ribbon Porch Decor

6.  Patriotic Ribbon Porch Decor ~ This is such a stylish way to decorate for the 4th of July or any other event in your future! Using this tutorial, an embroider hoop, ribbon that matches the occasion and your hot glue gun, you will be able to easily create this cute mobile!

Picnic Table Decor

DIY Patriotic Centerpiece

7.  DIY Patriotic Centerpiece ~ These ombre bottles would look great as a centerpiece at your 4th of July BBQ.  Learn how to make them with this great tutorial!

Patriotic Painted Mason Jars

8.  Patriotic Painted Mason Jars ~ These cute flag centerpiece mason jars double as table decor and utensil holders.

4th of July Felt Napkin Rings

9. 4th of July Felt Napkin Rings~ This is such an inexpensive and easy craft that yields adorable napkin rings perfect for the 4th of July.

Patriotic Stars

10.  Patriotic Stars ~ How cute are these yarn wrapped stars!? Perfect to use as a centerpiece or decorating your mantel! With this tutorial you’ll learn how simple it is to create these fun stars!

Fourth of July Barbecue

Ideas to Create the Perfect 4th of July BBQ {Barbecue}

11.  Ideas to Create the Perfect 4th of July BBQ {Barbecue} ~ If you are planning a 4th of July {Or any other event} this is a great BBQ party resource. With tips and ideas on the food, decor and set up. Planning your next event just got a little simpler!

4th of July Barbecue

12.  Patriotic Party Printables ~ These classic party printables are a must have for your Fourth of July celebration.  A great patriotic set that features clean lines and classic colors includes party circles that can be used for cupcake toppers or embellishments as well as patterned paper for custom banners and other decor.

Family 4th of July BBQ

13.  Family 4th of July BBQ ~  I love the fireworks, the red, white & blue, sparklers and BBQs, it’s the perfect combination for a celebration!

4th of July Desserts

Patriotic Hand Pies {4th of July Food}

14.  Patriotic Hand Pies {4th of July Food} ~ These pies are sure to be a hit at your 4th of July party this year! Super easy to eat and not only look yummy, but with the addition of the star or flag embellishment also patriotic! Make a batch for your friends and family with this recipe and tutorial!

Patriotic Mini Cheesecakes

15.  Patriotic Mini Cheesecakes ~ These mini-cheesecakes are so simple yet will make all your 4th of July guests think that you slaved away in the kitchen making them. They taste so good- yet the mini-size means that you won’t bust your diet by eating one.

Easy Red Velvet Trifle

16.  Easy Red Velvet Trifle ~ A heavenly combination of red velvet cake, blueberries and light and fluffy whipped cream.

4th of July Desserts

17.  Red White and Blue Meringue Cups ~ I squealed a little when I saw these. How fab for a Memorial Day or Fourth of July party! They look super fancy, but are totally doable. Perfect for filling with fruit and creme – yummy!

4th of July Dessert

18.  Red White and Blue Snowcone Cupcakes ~ I seriously had to look twice when I saw these “cupcakes”.  They look like real snow-cones, don’t they?!  These little puppies won’t melt in the heat and yes, even the cupcake is red white and blue.

Activities for Kids

Fireworks Craft for Kids {Patriotic Activities}

19.  Fireworks Craft for Kids {Patriotic Activities} ~ Here is a fun craft project for your kids to do on or around the 4th of July! This post will show you how to make a firework stamp using yarn and cardboard. Fun to create, easy to set up! Great for a variety of ages.

4th of July Photo Booth Props

20.  4th of July Photo Booth Props ~ Photo booths are the perfect way to let your party guests unleash their hidden personalities.  Print the entire set for the ultimate party activity!21.  4th of July Coloring Pages ~  Makes and Takes has provided 5 downloadable coloring pages.  Just download, print and color.  Easy peasy.

Printable Games

22.  Don’t Eat Sam ~ A fun patriotic version of Don’t Eat Pete.  This game is so simple your older children can play it with your preschooler! It’s simple to make and even easier to play. The sky’s the limit with Don’t Eat Sam! Use cereal, dinner or lunch food, as well as any kind of candy to play.

4th of July Kids Printables

23.  4th of July Kids Printables ~ Enjoy a fun game of 4th of July Bingo with the kids during the holiday.  There’s also a map of the USA that kids can fill in.

Patriotic Bean Bag Toss

24.  Patriotic Bean Bag Toss ~ This fun patriotic version of the bean bag toss is a game that kids will enjoy playing outside all afternoon.  Even the adults will want to get in on the action and test out their bean bag tossing skills.


USA Bike Banner

25.  USA Bike Banner ~ Use this free USA banner to decorate your bike for a parade or you can hang it in your home for a festive decoration.

Patriotic Bike Flags
26. Patriotic Bike Flags ~ Decorate your bikes with these fun duct tape bike flags.

Decorate a Bike Basket27.  Decorate a Bike Basket ~ For the  bike basket, attach some simple decorations and these festive flowers.


Patriotic Fan

28.  Patriotic Fan ~ These patriotical fans will help keep you cool during the 4th of July parade and party.  The best part?  They are simple simple and easy to assemble you could enlist your child’s help!

4th of July Parade Wands

29.  4th of July Parade Wands ~ Show your enthusiam during the parade with these adorable ribbon wands which are made with ribbons and a wooden dowel.

Parade Float Ideas

30.  Parade Float Ideas for July 4th ~ Instead of being a spectator this year decorate your car and be in the parade.



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