9 Fun Ways to Celebrate American Touch Tag Day!


If you remember playing tag as a child, TODAY is the day to celebrate the traditional game! We are celebrating AMERICAN TOUCH TAG DAY, and we want you to join us! Do you like celebrating year round? If you don’t like to wait for major national holidays to roll around, then start celebrating the lesser known holidays {like American Touch Tag Day!}

Did you know that just about every day of the year has been designated as a “holiday”? Celebrating the wacky and fun day can bring tons of enjoyment. That’s why we are planning on making every day a holiday. Here are a few Fun Ways to Celebrate American Touch Tag Day!

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What is American Touch Tag Day? Well, American Touch Tag Day commemorates the game we spent recess, after school and in the neighborhood playing in our free time.

Touch tag dates back to ancient Rome, and has been played worldwide! It is played with a player running around chasing other players trying to “tag” them so they are no longer “it”. The nice thing about the game is that there is no equipment or score.

American Touch Tag Day falls on October 8th each year. Since we love getting outside and playing, it’s one of our favorite October Holidays, and we can’t think of a better day to play outside!

american touch tag day

How Are You Going to Celebrate?

How are you going to celebrate American Touch Tag Day? We are going to head outside and play Touch Tag with out kiddos. If it’s still warm where you live, these Pool Games are fun, too!



1. Animal Tag Games for Kids ~ In this fun version of tag, your kiddos will pretend to be animals like  gazelles, kangaroos, monkeys, cheetahs and zebra’s. Fun, right?


2. Mosquito Tag ~ Tag isn’t just for little kids! Grab your pool noodle, this game looks like lots of fun!

Cops and Robbers

3. Cops and Robbers, is tag split into two teams. It’s also known as “jail”, and “police and thief”.


4. Lightsaber Tag ~ There are definitely lightsaber rules for battle. Make your own pool noodle lightsabers and have an epic battle. Here’s how.

Tag Games

5.  Freeze Tag ~ You may have also heard of freeze tag called “stuck in the mud”. Players who are tagged must “freeze” with their arms outstretched until they are unfrozen. The last “frozen” player is “it”.

Thanksgiving Turkey Tag

6. Turkey Tag ~ It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving to play Turkey tag. How fun is this tag game? Use turkey tail feathers in your tag game. Fantastic.


7. Shadow Tag ~ Shadow tag can be tricky because you can’t feel yourself being tagged. You also have to play while the sun is out so that there are shadows. Here’s how to play!

8.  Kiss Chase ~ Ah, kiss chass. This is tag where tag is acheived with a kiss.


9.  Octopus Tag Outdoor Family Game ~ If you’ve never played Octopus tag, today is the perfect day to learn. This post gives you the 411 so grab your friends and their kids, read the directions and go have fun!

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