16 Fun Ways to Fold Napkins


Learn how to fold different napkin folds for an elegant dinner party or just for fun!  Here are 16 dinner napkin folding step-by-step tutorials that are sure to wow your guests!  {wink}

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Decorative Napkin Folding

Bow Tie Napkin Folding

1.  Bow Tie Napkin Folding ~ A perfect bow on each plate is a fun way to spiff up a plain-Jane napkin. Spread a dinner napkin out, lying flat. Fold opposite sides in so they meet at the center. Then fold again at the center to form a narrow, ribbon-like shape. Next, fold short ends in so they meet at the center. Cinch in the middle with a ribbon in a coordinating color, and glue at back.

How to Fold a Tuxedo Napkin

2.  How to Fold a Tuxedo Napkin ~ This tuxedo folded napkin adds the right amount of bling and sophistication to the table.  Place a menu inside the tuxedo or even a little bow tie.

Necktie Napkin Fold

3.  Necktie Napkin Fold ~ A fun way to create an impressive napkin display for any tablescape.

Napkin Folding Flower

The Rosebud Napkin

4.  The Rosebud Napkin ~ Step by step instructions on how to fold a napkin into a rosebud on the end and then how to set up the tablescape.

Rosette Napkin Fold

5.  Rosette Napkin Fold ~ How to fold a napkin into a fancy rose.  Isn’t it adorable nestled inside a tea cup?!

Different Napkin Folds

How to Fold Napkins into Pinwheels

6.  How to Fold Napkins into Pinwheels ~ This special occasion napkin fold is a beautiful and whimsical fold and looks great with print or plain napkins.  Add a button or cabochan for the finishing touch. 

How to Fold a Napkin into a Pouch

7.  How to Fold a Napkin into a Pouch ~ Learn how to spiff up a plain napkin into a pocket with these pictured step-by-step tutorials. You can use these napkin folding skills for your next dinner party or picnic and really wow your guests.

A Special Occasion Napkin Fold

8.  A Special Occasion Napkin Fold ~ Here we have another variation of the silverware pouch. Also simple to make, this design tends to look nicer when it is pressed down almost flat.

Splendid Fan

9.  Splendid Fan ~ Accordian folds make this beautiful fan.

Easy Napkin Folding {3 ways}

10.  Easy Napkin Folding {3 ways} ~ You’ll love these 3 quick napkin folding ideas.  They include the double diamond, the pocket and the lover’s knot.  The best part?  You can fold them in under 60 seconds.  

Folded Napkin {Holidays}

Snowflake Napkin Fold

11.  Snowflake Napkin Fold ~ This beautiful snowflake fold can also be used as a flower or star fold.  Think red napkin for a poinsettia.  There are so many possibilities.

Crown Napkin Tutorial

12.  Crown Napkin Tutorial ~ This is a neat fold to have sitting on your guests dinner plates, and it’s pretty easy assuming that you have an iron. I repeat, break out the iron!

DIY Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

13.  DIY Christmas Tree Napkin Fold ~ A beautiful and whimsical fold and looks great with solid color napkins that will bring out the depth in its folds.  Add a bow or other do-dad for a tree topper.

Thanksgiving Turkey Napkin Fold

14.  Thanksgiving Turkey Napkin Fold ~ A simple fan fold with a napkin ring makes this adorable turkey.  Gobble gobble!

How to Make Halloween Spider Napkins

15.  How to Make Halloween Spider Napkins ~ How to make Halloween spider napkins are so easy!  Roll the Halloween napkin around a black plastic fork and spoon and you’ve got a festive Halloween table perfect for kids.  

Bunny Fold for Napkins

16.  Bunny Fold for Napkins ~ Easter-rabbit-shaped napkins are a festive detail for the holiday table, and they only require a few simple folds.



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