21 Spooky Specimen Jar Tutorials


Get Jar decorating ideas for Halloween with these mason jar crafts as spooky specimen jar tutorials.  Mason jar decorations make great mason jar centerpieces, mason jar gifts, and even Halloween jar lanterns.

As always, the Tip Junkie Halloween site has hundreds of pictured tutorials with free printables for Halloween.  You can always search there if you’re looking for more pictured tutorials. {wink}


Halloween Jar

1.  Mini Halloween Apothecary Jars ~ The ladies at Uncommon Designs have put together these adorable Mini Halloween Apothecary Jars.  They are perfect to hang on a garland or a Halloween tree. Mason Jar Craft 2.  Spider Cider Jars~ Dress up mason jars with some simple die cuts to create a one of a kind Halloween drink glass that will have everyone talking.

Mason Jar Centerpieces

Mason Jar Centerpiece 3.  Mummy Mason Jar Centerpiece ~ Mummify an ordinary mason jar with gauze or cheesecloth and googly eyes.  Add a candle and watch it glow.

Mason Jar Centerpiece

4.  Spooky Halloween Terrarium~ This helpful tutorial will show you step by step how to make a fun Halloween terrarium.  Glue and scissors aren’t needed so make sure you include the kids on this project.   They will have fun layering the moss, twigs and skeletons in the jars.

Mason Jar Crafts

Mason Jar Candy Jars

5.  Halloween DIY Apothecary Jars~ This might not look easy to make from the picture, but with this great tutorial they totally are! For under twenty dollars and a half hour of time, you’ll have a fun way to display Halloween treats!

Mason Jar Craft

6.  Glow in the Dark Spider Jar ~ Your little one’s are going to love this project!  Let them paint plastic spiders with glow in the dark paint and you can hot glue them to a jar.  Turn out the lights and watch their faces light up when they see the spiders glowing in the dark.

Mason Jar Decor

Mason Jar Witches

7.  DIY Mason Jar Witches ~ These mason jar witches are not only adorable, but super easy to make.  You don’t even have to paint the jars.  Green tissue paper is inserted into the jar for color.  Add a flameless candle to safely illuminate your witch jars. Mason Jar Decor 8.  Mason Jar Lid Wreath~ This mason jar lid is not only adorable, but clever and so simple to make.  You only need 3 supplies, mason jar lids, black spray paint and super glue.  Just by changing the spray paint color this wreath could work for any holiday or occasion.

Mason Jar Gifts

Jar Gifts

9.  Spider Web Cake in a Jar ~ Oh my yummy!  I just love how this spider web cake was deliciously and carefully crafted into this jar.  I am Baker shows you step by step how to create the ultra amazing chocolate spider web using melted chocolate. 10.  Brains in a Jar Cupcake {free printable} ~ These brains in a jar look absolutely gross, but super cool!  Learn the squiggle trick to making the frosting look like a brain.  What a fun gift to give.  Can you imagine the look on their face?! {{wicked laugh}}  The cute brain labels are a free printable.  {score} 11.  Halloween Monster in a Jar~ In a pinch and need a quick goodie or gift to give?  You can quickly make these Monsters in a Jar from store bought items.  The first layer is brownies, Philadelphia chocolate indulgence, crushed mini oreos and crushed mini chips ahoy.  Of course, you can always bake your own brownies if you prefer.  Decorate the jar and add a wooden spoon as an accompaniment.

Gifts in a Jar

12.  Halloween Snack Mix in a Jar~ A quick batch of this Fall trail mix would make a great gift for teachers, neighbors and friends during the upcoming Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays.

Gift in a Jar

13.  Glow-in-the-Dark SlimeThis cool crafts is not just for Halloween. Kids will love being scientists for a day and making their own batch of glow in the dark slime. You can also download and print a free set of labels to use on your jars and bags of slime.

Halloween Jar

DIY Specimen Jar

14.  Halloween Specimen Jar~ Recycle baby food jars to make specimen jars.  Add some water, food coloring and a rubber rat.

Halloween Jar

15.  Mad Scientist Jar~ Create these creepy Mad Scientist Jars with old jars and rubber or plastic toys.  You can age the appearance of the lids from a coat of spray paint and wax metallic finishes.

Spooky Jar

Spooky Jar

16.  DIY Halloween Poison Jars~ This is a cool way to create Halloween decor!  Super easy to make and the results are well… scary! Perfect for your upcoming Halloween party or just to display everyday of the Halloween season!

Spooky Jars

17.  Spooky Spiderweb Lanterns ~ Light a pathway, brighten a dark corner or hang several of these spooky spiderweb lanterns.  An LED tea light was used so there isn’t a risk of fire.

Halloween Jar Lanterns

halloween Mason Jar Lantern

18.  Spider Web Mason Jar Lantern ~ This spiderweb mason jar lantern is so simple anyone can tackle it.  The webs and spiders were cut on black vinyl from a Silhouette machine.  You could mod podge your own shapes to the jar for the same effect if you don’t have a Silhouette.

Mason Jar Lanterns 19.  Halloween Mason Jar Lanterns~ This DIY project gives used jars new purpose and look so cool when lit!  Vinyl images were placed on the jar, sprayed with clear matte spray paint and then the images were removed.  They look awesome with the light shining through the image.

Creepy Jar

Creepy Jar

20.  Brains in a Jar ~ This brain in a jar looks amazingly real and creepy!  This one is much better, it’s made from chocolate.  Yep, that’s all!  Melt chocolate candy melts, tint with red coloring to darken the color and place in a brain candy mold to form.

Creepy Jar

21.  Creepy Shrunken Head~ I’m screaming myself when I look at this shrunken head.  The added hair is just creepy it looks so real!  *Update: Featured blogger took the blog down.

   halloween printables

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