Get Paid to Link! {Day 13}


As a blogger, you are creating original content, which you want tons of people to read, and my step-by-step guide to get paid for your content shows you how.  In the next few months I’m inviting real bloggers who have studied my my workshop, Mom Blog to Money Blog to share their honest, unbiased opinions about the workshop, and you can see for yourself if it’s worth it to shell out the cash.


Mom Blog to Money Blog Review ~ Day 13

I can not tell you how many times a day I get asked questions on how to make money with a blog.  It breaks my heart that I can’t clone myself to give everyone a one-on-one consultation or respond to every email or notification I receive.  Therefore, I sat down for 4 weeks and wrote everything I know about blogging in this course, Mom Blog to Money Blog.

It’s an online workshop with a one-time membership fee, which is a one year membership, no strings attached, and no hidden fees.  It’s straight from my heart spilling all my secrets, with 16 printable checklists, and 21 how-to video’s.  My hope was to make you feel like I was right there next to you and walking you through the process.  {hugs}

So, are you ready to  get paid for your talent and writing writing and bring home the bacon?  I’ll show you how.  {{click the links for more info.}}

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Day Thirteen’s focus in the Mom Blog to Money Blog is all about making money by linking; that is, how to use affiliate URL’s to make money.  I’ve provided you with several really informative articles about affiliate links, plug ins that can help you with them and so forth, but really, it’s important to know that affiliate links and programs can make you passive income and it’s silly not to cash in on them!

In Day 13, we learn to hook up with affiliates we love and start making money off their products and services!  {{wink}}

My Time As A Mom ~ Review of Day 13

My Time as a Mom

As a blogger, freelance writer and mom at My Time As a Mom, time is of the essence.   Jessica has 2 kids, 2 dogs and an expensive jeans habit.
You can also find Jessica at  One Martini at a Time, a site where they feature cocktail recipes, and she freelances over at Business 2 Blogger every Monday on anything related to blogging and social media. If that’s not enough {{wink}} look for her at allParenting on the topics of social media and tech for parents.  When she’s not blogging she enjoys reading books that will not teach her anything, quilting, and taking naps.

“I learned that a low conversion rate is OK and to be myself when writing about affiliate products!”

I learned that when writing about affiliate products to be more of myself when talking about them. Instead of sounding like a salesperson, I’m trying to tell the pros/cons of items. I also learned that a low conversion rate is okay.

How do you get people to actually purchase from the affiliate link?

Question for Laurie

:  How do you get people to purchase from the affiilate link? I see a lot of clicks on my affiliate links but no conversions to sale.

Answer by Laurie:  What a great question, Jessica. If I knew the answer to this question I’d probably use affiliate marketing on Tip Junkie. {snicker} This is not my area of expertise, which is why I give so many relevant and educational articles on Day 13 “Get Paid to Link” of the Mom Blog Money Blog online workshop.

Keep in mind that the average conversion rate is 1%. So please don’t get discouraged if your percentage is higher than that.

If you are happy with the number of click-throughs on your affiliate links I would then ask yourself the questions below. Maybe even consider asking your readers directly. {just a thought}

* Is the price point of the products you are trying to sell {through your affiliate links} too high?

* Are the products relevant to your demographic of readers and are they providing a solution? Maybe they are clicking simply because you gave them a link and told them to.

* Have you proven your trust and honesty to your readers in the post? For instance, is the language too marketing heavy or sales driven? Does it have enough of your personal experience?  Have you been 100% honest and also talked about the negatives {played devils advocate or answered the hard questions readers are asking themselves}?

Since I don’t use affiliate links myself, here are a few additional articles I found to help answer your specific question on how to increase your conversion rate.

“Using Affiliate Links Has Started to Pay Off!”

“Laurie’s advice was helpful because it convinced me to continue using affiliate links and it’s starting to pay off!!”

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