20 Ghost & Goblin Templates for Halloween


Crafty Halloween ghost and goblin, ghost templates, free Halloween templates perfect for fun Halloween crafting with kids.  Some of these fun tutorials include ways to decorate your home with a ghost wreath, ghost garland, ring around the rosy goblins, ghost treats as well as party favors and a ghost costume.

Ghost & Goblin Templates for Halloween

As always, the Tip Junkie Printable and Halloween sites have hundreds of pictured tutorials with free printables for Halloween.  You can always search there if you’re looking for more pictured tutorials. {wink}

Halloween Ghost

Ghost Crafts

1.  Halloween Felt Ghost Wreath ~ Full of charm, this festive ghost wreath is perfect for greeting guests.  It’s made from a styrofoam wreath form and felt.  The scallop pattern is available to download and print for free.  Boo-ya!

2.  Glowing Ghost Garland ~ Get in the Halloween spirit by adding this adorable illuminated ghost garland to a mantle, front porch or doorway.  It’s so simple too!  All you need is a strand of white lantern lights to cover with white cotton fabric.

3.  DIY Hanging Ghosts ~ Create Knock-Off Pottery Barn Kids Halloween Hanging Ghosts in just a few simple steps! You can create these ghosts in under an hour and for a fraction of the cost of the original PB ones!

Ghost Craft Ideas

4.  DIY Ghost Flag ~ This friendly ghost is perfect for greeting trick or treaters.  It’s made from 1/2 yard of white fabric and a black sharpie.

Ghost Templates

5.  Glittered Ghost Cones ~ Add a touch of whimsy to your Halloween decorations with these glittered ghost cones.  They’re made from paper mache cones from the craft store.  Decorate them with paint, mod podge, glitter and die cuts.

Goblin Template

Goblin Template

6.  Ring Around the Rosy {Ghosts & Goblins} ~ I got the idea to make my own ring around the rosy ghosts when I saw some in a yard in a nearby town. I thought they were the cutest things! I am very frugal so I tried to come up with a way to make them that was very inexpensive but they would still last a while.

How to Make Footprint Ghosts

7.  Footprint Ghosts ~ These footprint ghosts are not only fun to make, but are a terrific keepsake since we know how fast their feet grow.  And, what child doesn’t love to get messy with paint?

Free Halloween Templates

Ghost Trick or Treating Bag

8.  Easy To Make Trick or Treat Totes {free template} ~ Here is a great tutorial on how to make a cute trick or treat tote for your little ghost and goblins! Easy and inexpensive to do using an empty cereal box, tote, and paint. Best of all it can be used year after year! Add their name to make it even more customizable.

Goblin Template

9.  Ghost Headband Tutorial {Halloween Crafts} ~ Send your little girl off to school on Halloween in this cute and spooky ghost headband.  This picture tutorial will show you how to create your own ghost headband and if you have been looking for an easy to follow corkscrew ribbon tutorial, this is it.

Ghost Template

10.  DIY Ghost Costume ~ This adorable spooky ghost costume can be made in about 10 minutes using cheap white fabric.  The lace eyes are priceless!

Free Printables

Printable Party Favors

11.  Ghost Treat Box ~ This adorable box is perfect for filling up with goodies and passing out to your peeps. The kids can hand them out at school, or you could use them to spruce up your stash you are handing out on Halloween.

Ghost Template

12.  Ghost Poop Printable {Ghost Crafts} ~ This funny Halloween party favor is one that any boy or girl will find funny.  Turn marshmallows into ghost poop with this free printable.  They will never look at mini marshmallows the same again.

Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Halloween Ghost Craft

13.  Halloween Party Decor {Ghosts} ~ This super mom did a party for each child, so there is a ton of great inspiration! From a ghost plate craft your kids will love to make to the food tables your halloween party with be spooktacular!

Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

14.  DIY Pet Ghost ~ This little gift is a fun alternative to a pet rock, especially around Halloween time. Just add some paint or white vinyl lettering to a lantern to create your own “pet ghost”.

Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween Activities

15.  Ghost Detective Game {free printable}  ~ Send your “Casper” super sleuths on a scavenger hunt for ghosts.  The player with the most ghosts wins!

Ghost Activities

16.  Boo Bowling Game ~ This post features a tutorial on how to create a DIY Halloween bowling game! Using paper towel rolls (ghosts) and a pumpkin (the bowling ball). You’ll create a fun game that the kiddos will love!

Halloween Crafts

Halloween Recipes

17.  Halloween Ghost Pops ~ This step by step tutorial will show you how easy it is to transform an Oreo cookie and some candy melts into a cute Halloween ghost pop that will be a party pleaser.  These are great for a school Halloween party or to give out to trick or treaters that you know well enough to hand out homemade treats.

18.  Peeps Rice Krispies Treat Pops  ~ Everybody’s favorite marshmallow treat, Peeps, make a Halloween appearance on these sweets.  Peeps are paired with a premade Rice Krispies Treats, melting chocolate and sprinkles for a quick to make Halloween treat.

Halloween Cupcakes

19.  Ghost Cupcakes ~ What kid wouldn’t love these super cute Ghost Cupcakes?  These would be perfect for a Halloween party or a classroom of enthusiastic children.

Halloween Lunch Ideas

20.  Halloween Lunch Ideas ~ Mummify your food with these 3 fun recipes for mummy dogs, ghost bananas, and monster eyes.

   halloween printables

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