22 Best Gifts to Make for Boys


What to make for boys this year for Christmas presents is no longer the question! Here are the best gift ideas to make for your son, grandson or nephew! These home made gifts are perfect for boys and include pictured tutorials for an iPad case, earbud case, fire station fort, marshmallow gun, felt play mat, chalkboard city blocks, tool box, lego tray and superhero mask.

As always, the Tip Junkie Homemade Gifts site has hundreds of pictured tutorials with free patterns for Homemade Gifts for boys so you can always search there if you’re looking for something specific. {wink}

Best Gift Ideas

iPad Case

1.  Etch-a-Sketch iPad Case ~ How cool is this Etch-a-Sketch iPad case? It’s made from fleece.  You can stitch any saying or picture on the case if you wish.

DIY Ear Bud Pouch

2.  Circle Ear Bud Pouch ~ This circle pouch is perfect for keeping track of ear buds.  It can also help keep them from getting tangled up.  Not much fabric is used to make the pouch so it’s a perfect scrap buster project!  {wink}

Gifts to Sew

3. Little Boy Church Bag ~ Refashion a man’s dress shirt and tie into a fun little boy bag that’s perfect for church!  It’s just the right size for carrying quiet activities in.

Fort Ideas

Cool Gifts to Make

4.  Fire Station Table Tent ~ Sew the ultimate interactive play tent for your child.  It’s complete with a roll up door, window, fire hats and tools.  It fits perfectly over a card table so it has a stable support.  It will also store easily because you can fold it up for storage.

Card Table Fort

5.  Card Table Fort Pattern ~ Grab a full sized sheet and make magic for the boys in your life!  They are going to LOVE a fort made for a card table!  Just make sure you’ve got your measurements right before you start sewing!  {wink}

Fort Kit

6.  ‘Super Hero’ Fort Kit ~ I absolutely ADORE this fort building kit for kids.  I’ve never met a kid who didn’t like to get all the blanket and cushions and try to build a fort.  This little kit not only makes it OK, but helps make it a little easier to keep it standing and provides them with everything they need, including instructions.

What to Make for Boys To Wear

Cool Things to Make

7.  Boy’s Lego Belt ~ It’s hard to make things for boys, but here is the perfect thing! This belt took 5 minutes to make and it goes perfect with almost everything!

Gifts to Wear

8.  Bottle Cap Bracelet {superhero version} ~ A super cool bracelet for boys made from a bottle cap and a black bracelet.  Makes a great gift for the boys in your life.

Winter Beanie
9.  Semi-Homemade Brimmed Beanie ~ This started out as a $1 beanie from Wal-Mart.  And the form for the brim was cut out of a plastic yogurt container!  This is very impressive.

10.  Toddler  Toolbelt ~ How to sew a fabric tool belt for your son or nephew.  This would make a fun homemade gift for any occasion!  Add some plastic tools and you have the perfect gift!


How to Make Lego

11.  Personalized Lego Tray {Homemade Toys} ~ If you have or know of a Lego lover then this tray is perfection! With this tutorial you’ll learn how to create this tray from scratch. Such a clever idea, makes a great gift!

Cool Stuff to Make for Kids

12.  DIY Lego Travel Box ~ This Lego travel box is perfect for trips to grandma and grandpa’s or traveling in the car.  It uses a recycled wooden box with a sliding lid to easily store the Lego pieces in.  A building plate was glued to the lid to stand the Lego pieces on.

Homemade Toy Patterns

Cute Things to Make for Kids13.  Robot Mouth Pencil Case ~  These colorful robot pouches are a great way to organize art supplies, pencils and toy cars.  It’s mouth opens up to gobble up art supplies and small toys.  How cool is that?!

How to Make Toys

14.  Toy Trug Gift ~ Break out your saw, drill and some nails to make this homemade gift. Your little one will love having his own personalized toy trug to tote his favorite toys around in. Best of all, this gift is also a gift package!

15.  Toy Workbench from a Nightstand ~ This darling workbench was made from a nightstand picked up at a thrift store for $3!  For that price, you could buy a set of play tools to go with it and you’d have a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for the little builder in you life.

DIY Cars Games

DIY Cars Games

16.  Chalkboard City Blocks {Building Toys} ~ Here is a fabulous DIY project that your little girl or boy will love! A very inexpensive project, all you need is a piece of lumber from your local hardware store and some chalkboard paint! If you don’t have the power tools at home to cut it then most hardware stores will do straight cuts for free! These fun building blocks could also make a fabulous Christmas gift!

Felt Creations

17.  Felt Car Play Mat ~ This is a great post with a DIY felt car play mat! Perfect to give to your little car lover for Christmas this year! Easy to make and customize to your little guy!

18.  DIY Gifts: Sew a Car Caddy ~ I just adore this fabulous DIY gift of sewing a car caddy. It also folds up into a nice little square so it’s perfect for the Doctor’s office, play dates, and church!  All little boys will love this as an amazing homemade gift.

DIY Gun Tutorials

19.  Miniature Marshmallow Gun ~ These miniature marshmallow guns are so much fun!  You place a mini marshmallow into the end of the gun, blow on the other end and the marshmallow aims at the target.  The tutorial includes instructions for the pvc pipe gun and goggles.

Gifts for Boys

20.  Nerf Dart Holder ~ How cool is this dart holder pouch?  It keeps the darts handy on your hip while you’re playing.  It’s also the perfect storage container.

Homemade Costume Patterns

Homemade Gifts for Kids

21.  Superhero Mask ~ This superhero mask is reversible! So cute on your little superguy. Also, matching personalized superhero cape.

How To Make Kids Dinosaur Tails {Tutorial}
22.  How To Make Kids Dinosaur Tails {Tutorial} ~ Jessica made a great tutorial for these adorable dinosaur tails – aren’t they cute?!  Pair it with a couple dinosaur picture books for a great birthday gift or even use them as party favors if you are doing a dinosaur theme.

Things to Make and Do:

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