Giveaway – Mini Hay Bales

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I want to welcome Tip Junkie’s fabulous Sponsor, Krystal from Mini Hay Bales! Thanks to her I can bring you even more amazing ideas for the fall season. I hope you’ll go check out her site and purchase some of her authentic decorative hay bales to celebrate fall.

Mini Hay Bales are the perfect fall decor item. They are authentic straw or alfalfa bales. At just over 8 inches long by 4 inches wide and 3 inches tall they are the perfect table top, counter or even porch decoration.

Placed with other fall decor items they can make any part of your home look perfect for the fall season. Mini hay bales can also be used for pet food or western themed parties/weddings.

Thank you so much Krystal for your support of Tip Junkie!! You’re the best and I think your product is perfect for fall.

How to Enter: Since fall is upon us, Krystal is giving away 5 bales of hay to a lucky winner!Go to Mini Hay Bales to check out her blog then leave a comment here to enter. Contest winners will be drawn October 16th by a random number generator!


P.S. To learn more on how you can be a sponsor on Tip Junkie, contact me.


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  1. What a cute idea! Love this.

    Oh, Laurie, I have to tell you that I got my Pink Christmas envelope yesterday. I love the book beads you made. When my 12 year old saw it she was a bit star struck, ” You got book beads from Tip Junkie?!?! I want one! Why didn’t you get me one?!” You have a 12 yr old fan. (and a 36 yr old one too!) 😉 Thanks!

  2. I love these mini bales! I have actually been looking all over for some for my son to play with since he loves all things farming! But great fall decor they are!

  3. What a great idea to decorate with mini bales of hay. They’re the perfect size for tables or countertops. I love it.

  4. Awe – hay bales are great, but mini bales are even better – so many more options (inside and out) I know my girl would love a couple in her room this time of year!

  5. Too cool! The perfect tabletop decoration. Thanks for letting me know where to find them.

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