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I’ve gotten some requests for graduation party ideas. I’d like to do another graduation celebration post so if you come across some fabulous ideas or thrown your own party, please submit it!

My oldest is graduating from Elementary this year and my friends and I are going to throw a big bash. I can’t believe he’s growing up so fast. {{sigh}}

Announcements: I found these photoshopped graduation announcements over on Jordan Ferney’s blog.

Announcements: Kendra submitted her ‘It’s About Time’ graduation ideas. Take a look at the announcement she made for her man. She hooks you up with the link on where to download it.

Theme: Sugar Cane Collective threw a graduation party using a movie theme. There were old movie posters on the walls, cardboard cut outs, bouquets of theatre candy as centerpieces, and a red carpet entry way!

Theme: I hit the mother-load with which has some crazy fun graduation themes. What about a Gossip Girl themed party!?! {{squeal with delight}}

Party Planning: Are you wanting to team up with parents and give your graduates a party they’ll never forget? Then Mix Mingle Glow has hooked you up with some crazy fun ideas. The picture above is her candy bar in school colors. {{fabulous}}

The thing that’s really funny about her post is that the graduation announcement at the end is actually MY MOM’s original creation. My mom used to sell them on Executive Homemaker.

Party Planning: Mind Bites has hooked us up with Top Ten Tips for planning a graduation party.

Decor: Hog Diggity Blog! decorated her graduation food table so darling in school colors.

Decor: I loved how The Ryan Family decorated their buffet table for their graduate. Great idea using school photos of him growing up.

Food: Bliss Tree has several fun graduation cakes for you be inspired from.

Food: Are you looking for a graduation party menu? Here’s on from Yum Sugar.

Food: Check out these cupcake toppers. I’m a bit of a cupcake connoisseur myself and I love toppers!

Party Favor: Check out this cool graduation party favor from Teri. It’s a 4X6 photo of the graduation boy turned into a bag from Photocraft.

Party Favor: {{I already posted this but it’s so great it deserves another shout out.}} Tina got these graduation mini bubbles and added a label to make more personal for favors.

You can find more Graduation party and gift ideas on my previous post: Teach Me Thursday – Graduation

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  1. I LOVE you for this! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to send this link to my girlfriend. We are doing a combo party with our 18-yr-old graduates. You did a LOT of footwork for us my friend! Blessings to YOU!

  2. Hi! Thanks for the shout out here. I also want to thank Nielsen Family for the comment…yes, I did provide a link at the bottom of the post but it while the address it links to is at the Executive Homemaker, it isn’t working. If someone can provide me the correct link, I’ll be happy to make the correction. Also, for the record, revisiting that post I realize that I was still a bit of a blogging newbie and didn’t link to things like I do now. I would have the photo and the section title (“announcements”) be linked to the site, instead of just at the bottom of the post. My apologies if anyone was/is offended. I’ll gladly change it if I can get the correct link! 🙂

  3. I just thought I would let you know that mix mingle glow did leave a link for the announcements, it just didn’t work for some reason 🙂 Way cute ideas, I graduate in December so I may have to use some of them!

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