16 Creative Ways To Be Grateful


Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to focus on our blessings and actively teach our children how to focus on being grateful.  Today I have collected a fabulous list of 16 creative ways to-be grateful this Thanksgiving.

Many of these ideas can be used for the entire month of November, or just for the week of Thanksgiving.  I hope these grateful activities help inspire you to make one for your own home.


Grateful Count Down

1.  Grateful Board – Bring the family together to make great memories and say what you’re thankful for each night in November.
2.  Grateful Thanks Day By Day – Here’s what I created to help our family remember to be thankful everyday.
3.  Thanksgiving Grateful Count Down – Each match box opens and I have little notes typed of things to be thankful for and then an activity to go along with it.
4. Grateful Tree on a Magnet Board {printable} – Add a leaf and describe something you’re grateful for every day of November.


Show Gratefulness

5. Gratefulness Turkey – I cut 40 “feathers” to use throughout the month, but I decided today that I’m going to cut 40 more and use double-sided tape to adhere them to the back, covering up the tape/toothpick.
6.  Thankful Turkey – A Simple way to collect all the things your family is grateful for.
7.  Thanksgiving Paper Napkin Rings – Bless your guests with custom inspirational paper napkin rings.
8.  Grateful Wall Tree – The idea is that each day for the month of November each member of your family writes something they are grateful for and puts it inside the leaf pocket for that day.


Gratefully Creative

9. Clove-Studded Orange Word Display – Inspired by a Gr3rd-grade project, I made a Give Thanks sign with clove-studded oranges
10.  Gratitude Tree – I adore this idea from Kendra where you create a gorgeous tree and everyone writes on it what they’re grateful full for all month long.
11.  Thanksgiving Blessing Mix – I think this is a cute Thanksgiving treat idea to hand out to loved ones, a Christian based preschool, Sunday school teacher, or neighbors.
12.  Thankful Bucket – Our family fills the bucket with things that they are thankful for. Then after our Thanksgiving dinner, we sit around the fireplace, while are tummies are digesting our meal, and take turns sharing what we have written for our buckets.



13.  A child’s Thanksgiving Craft – Trace children hands on sheets of red, orange, green and yellow construction paper. Have kids right what they are thankful for on one side, and write their names and the year on the back side.
14. Give Thanks: Changeable Frame – It has glass over the embroidery so we can write different things all month.
15.  Grateful Turkey – On every other (you could do every one if you wanted) feather, I wrote a Thanksgiving trivia question.
16.  String Together a List of Blessings – Print out individual words on tabs, and fold them around twine. Weave the twine along the center of the table.

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  1. I love the idea of using a magnet board for a thankful tree and that Blessing mix is darling. Great teacher gift!

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