8 Christmas Calendar Tutorials {Advent}


Today it’s all about the Christmas Calendar or the Advent. Here are 8 Christmas calendar tutorials you can make to count down to Christmas!

Christmas Calendar

Kathryn gives step-by-step directions on how to make this Clipboard Advent. Make it for yourself or as a gift.

Julie Ree made such a unique and beautiful advent using pyramid boxes and putting candy inside. You can download the free template here.

Here’s a modern version using a magnet board and and small metal tins.

Teresa gives you step by step instructions on how to make this Cookie Sheet Advent.

We featured Shirley back in September for her Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar You can print out the instructions from Executive Homemaker.com.

Jenny posted the template for her calendar pocket advent. Simply beautiful!

Jen made this cute advent calendar out of matchboxes. How creative!

Magpie & Cake made this hysterical 3D Joke Tree. The basic idea is that instead of chocolate or a picture, you get a new Christmas or holiday joke every day. You could also adapt this idea to include holiday or winter trivia instead.

More Christmas countdown ideas:


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  1. I planned to make one of the cookie sheet advent calendars last year but never found the time! Will I ever have more time in the day, lol? Thanks for the fab ideas!

  2. Hi Just found your blog while finding out who gets on my blog. WOW! This is amazing. So many fun ideas and creativity. I was glad to see I was a winner awhile back and didn’t even know it til now. Thanks for all the great ideas and posts.

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