Grown Up Coloring Pages {Free Printable Coloring Pages}


Grown Up Coloring Pages {Free Printable Coloring Pages}

Coloring pictures is fun for kids, but it can also be really relaxing for adults too.  If you want something creative and fun to untangle your mind, instead of sitting down with one of your kids Barbie coloring books, try coloring these beautiful printable mandala designs.

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  1. Comment-Anonymous Lou

    WoW!! what great desgns!.. This will Greatly help us SAVE on one of our Family’s “GET WELL” projects! We have received more compliments & Thank You’s from family and friends for taking/sending our GET WELL KIT’s
    Besides the basic Get Well Card, (which we also make) we try to include a Coloring-Book, W/Colors(generally any brand will work). We try 2 get our “stock” fm our local “$” store. These BEAUTIIIFUL DESIGNS will work out GREAT! The designs r actually relaxing when/as U R concentrating on following the design’s pattern. Try them, they also work well 2 keep the little ones “busy” et occupied in a Good-way. Thanks 4 sharing Ur creativity! KUDO’s

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