12 Easy Fun and Fabulous Braids and Buns {hair styles}

How to Braid and make fabulous buns is easier than you may imagine.  Here are several hair styles for french braiding, fishtail, dutch braids, as well as making buns that are easy!  These hair tutorials will look fabulous for school or work or play and best of all, they are easy as 1-2-3!

snake braid

Hair Styles

1.  Snake Braid ~ This snake braid is super cool!  It really looks like a snake is slithering around the strand of hair.  Follow the tutorial to make your own braid in no time.

How to Make a Waterfall Braid

2.  Waterfall Braid ~ This braid is just like a french braid, but with a dropped piece that makes the braid look like a waterfall.

heart braid

How to Braid

3.  Heart Braid ~ I simply heart this braid!  {snicker}.  Watch the tutorial to make your own fancy schmancy heart braid in minutes.

How to Make a Katniss Braid

4.  “Katniss” Braid ~ If you are not already familiar with this season’s box office hit, Hunger Games, you are missing out.  This “Katniss” braid is all the rage.  It is a bit harder to do on yourself than others, but still do-able.

How to Make a 4 strand Braid

5.  4 Strand Braid ~ This beautiful four strand braid is a twist on a regular braid.  It’s hard and takes a lot of practice, but definitely worth it!

French Braid

French Braiding

6.  French Braid ~ Learn the techniques necessary to make this common french braid.  It’s super easy and you will be braiding your own in minutes.

French Fish Tail Braid

7.  French Fish Tail Braid ~ I bet you didn’t know that you could successfully combine the french braid and the fish tail braid!  Learn the techniques to combine the two braids.

Dutch Braid

How To Dutch Braid

8.  Dutch Braid ~ The dutch braid is just like a french braid, but the braid is on the outside, rather than the inside.

Fish Tail Braids

How To Fishtail Braid

9.  Fish Tail Braid ~ Unlike a traditional braid that uses three strands of hair this fish tail braid uses two strands.

Sock Bun

Easy Buns

10.  Sock Bun ~ Isn’t this bun absolutely gorgeous?  Yes, it really is made with a sock.  It is so easy to re-create you will never do it any other way.  It looks great without bobby pins and it makes your hair appear to be much fuller than a traditional bun.

the braided bun

11.  The Braided Bun ~ Isn’t this braided bun stunning?  It’s a beautiful combination of braids and a bun.  Wear it to a prom, wedding or a hot date.  There’s also a tutorial for an asymmetrical twist bun.

classic bun with a twist

12.  The Classic Bun with a Twist {7 variations} ~ Rock the bun with these 7 amazing tutorials.  There’s a topsy tail bun, knotted bun, runway bun and 5 minute messy bun to name a few.

More Hair Styles:

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