28 Halloween Cakes


Happy Halloween!  It’s one of my favorite holidays and today we’re featuring Halloween Cakes made by seriously talented bakers.  These cake recipes include cake pops, bunt cake, cake toppers, sheet cakes, graveyard cake, and easy halloween cakes for kids.

Tip Junkie is all about featuring crafty women, so I’ve even thrown in a few free printable cake toppers and DIY cake stands.  Yep, I’ve got your back party girl!  {high fives}

Today I’m featuring all Halloween themed cakes.  If you’re looking for  Halloween party food or creepy Halloween treats ~ check out the Tip Junkie Halloween site for many more Halloween recipes and party food to make.

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Halloween Cakes


1.  Marshmallow Spiderweb Cake ~ The simplicity of this cake is almost too good to be true! There’s actually no piping, no painting and no wrong way to do it! {say what?} All you need are marshmallows, two hands and some imagination! Seriously.


2. DIY Monster Eye Cake ~ This cake is supposed to be easy!  If so, I totally want to try it! You can make this Halloween monster cake at home using cookies and candies. Great, right?


3. Spiderweb Cake ~ This cake recipe is a black cocoa cake with an orange flavored butter cream. Perhaps the best thing about the tutorial is how honest the author is so that you don’t make the same mistakes she did. Really great Halloween recipe with pictures!

Cake Recipes

Monster Cake

4. Monster Cake ~ The tutorial for this cake is excellent! You’ll need 3 layers and cake pops, but we are getting ahead of ourselves. This would make a great Halloween or birthday cake!

witchy cake tutorial

5. Witchy Cake Tutorial ~ This cake is for a more adventurous cake decorator. The witches legs take a little work, but the end result is fantstic!


6. Kitty Cat in a Pumpkin Cake ~ This is a real cake you can eat, and you can find out how to “carve” it with the pictured tutorial as well as the video.

Halloween Cake Pops


7. Halloween Oreo Truffles ~ Learn how to make the Halloween treat monsters, pumpkins, bats, and mummies, and all with 5-ingredients or less!

ghost cake pops

8. Ghost Cake Pops ~ Made with crumbled cake, frosting, and candy coating, these Ghost Cake Pops are such a fun addition to any party!

eyeball cake pops-jpg

9. Eyeball Cake Pops ~ This gross Halloween food cake pop will have your guests lined up for more. I mean, who doesn’t want an eyeball on a fork?

creep crawly cake pops

10. Creepy Crawly Halloween Cake Pops ~ Creepy, crawly and cute, these Halloween recipes with pictures just make me happy. Bakerella knows how to make cake pops!

candy corn cake pops

11. Halloween Candy Corn Cake Pops ~ These adorable candy corn cake pops will be the hit of the party, especially if the guests are wanting something a little sweet. This is definitely a cute Halloween food idea!

Halloween Bundt Cake

Halloween Bundt Cake

12.  Halloween Bundt Cake ~ This colorful bundt cake is moist and so spook-tacular your guests are going to be coming back for seconds and thirds.


13. Candy Corn Bundt Cake ~ This fun recipe is easy to make! It’s perfect for those that are not master bakers or paster chefs, if you know what I mean! {snicker}

Halloween pumpkin cake by Lolly Jane-jpg

14.  Pumpkin Bundt Cake with Free Printable ~ This is a cake your kids can help make! The inside is carrot cake and the frosting is cream cheese. Yummy. Also print out the free printable eyechart!

Halloween Cake Toppers

halloween cake toppers

15. Free Halloween Cake Toppers ~ Make your cakes and cupcakes boo-worthy with free printables that you can put on your Halloween treats!


16. Free Halloween Toppers ~ Fun Halloween toppers that you can download and use for free. Sweet!

Halloween Sheet Cakes


17.  Skeleton Sheet Cake ~ This tutorial includes a skeleton template so that you can decorate your sheet cake. The nice thing is that you can use whatever sheet cake recipe you like. The template is easy to print and the creation process is simple!

Halloween Monster Cake

18.  Halloween Monster Cake ~ Here’s a fun way to decorate a sheet cake to serve a crowd! You’ll need frosting and licorice!

Halloween Graveyard Cake


19. Graveyard Cake ~ This graveyard cake makes an excellent party food. Take it to your next Halloween bash and I guarantee it’ll be the hit of the party!

graveyard pudding cups

20. Graveyard Pudding Cups ~ If you are looking for a Halloween food idea for kids or a class party, these graveyard pudding cups are fantastic. They are so easy to make, it’s frightful! {snicker}

graveyard pudding-jpg

21. Graveyard Pudding ~ This recipe is basically Oreo dirt pudding on a large scale. Who doesn’t love a trifle right?

Easy Halloween Cakes for Kids

Rice Krispie Treat Monsters

22.  Rice Krispie Treat Monsters ~ These rice krispie treat monsters are a favorite Halloween food treat. They are a great option for cake baking when your kiddos are a little young for cake decorating!

spooky eyeball cake

23. Spooky Eye Ball Halloween Cake ~ This is a fun cake to make with your kids when they are old enough to be able to use frosting and apply the spooky eye balls! {boo!}


24.  Witches Brew Brownies ~ Your kids will love to use up their leftover candy in this chocolatey brew that is easy to make and even better to eat.

crawling with worms cake for kids

24. Crawling with Worms Cake ~ This Crawling with Worms Cake holds a surprise inside that is only revealed when cut into. So fun for kids!!

DIY Cake Stands

witches shoe cake stand

25. Witches Shoe Cake Stand ~ Not only does this tutorial show you how to make this fabulous witches shoe cake stand, there is a recipe for making the cake. WOWSERS! Some Halloween recipes are just amazing, right?


26.  Halloween Skull Cake Stand ~ This super cute Halloween cake/cupcake stand is make with styrofoam disks and then embellished to look too cute for words!


27.   $3 Halloween Cake Stand ~ This adorable cake stand was made with items from The Dollar Store for a grand total of $3. Wow.  {feature via Craft Room}


28.  DIY Dollar Store Halloween Cake Stand ~ Display a cake, cupcakes or treats, this cake stand was extremely inexpensive to make and only took 5 minutes! {feature via Craft Room}

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